Phone: 702-932-3860

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Henderson, Nevada
Its exchange 932 is managed by XO NEVADA, LLC
The number is currently on switch number HNSNNVAQDS0 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 34% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 23 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "ACSI Revenue , 3860 & 3956"
20, Sep. 2012

They call and hang up. It's super annoying!

16, Nov. 2012

Keeps calling my number. No one on the line. I called the number back but it said voice mail full. Calls happen several times a week.

19, Nov. 2012

Same thing. Been happening for weeks, sometimes 2-3 times per day: phone rings, answer on the first ring, they hang up. Very irritating, as they are calling my cell phone in the middle of the day when I'm at my office and have to interrupt a landline phone call to deal with it.

20, Nov. 2012

I have also been getting "dead" calls from this number for weeks.

20, Nov. 2012

whoever this is calls me at least once a day and interrupts my classes. they never talk or answer the phone back and i am so SICK of them calling me

11, Dec. 2012

Keeps calling, no message

anon e mouse
2, Jan. 2013

calls two or three times a day....never leaves message

16, Jan. 2013

I've had the same calls as everyone else...I added this number to my free andriod app called "Mrnumber" so it intercepts and hangs up immediately as they call...the call does not ring to me. great!

18, Jan. 2013

I also use Mr. Number and it blocks the call for me.

21, Jan. 2013

I've had the same problem with this number. I added it to my andriod app "mr.number" and it never makes it through to harrass me any longer. Mr.number works like a charm!

28, Jan. 2013

Seems to be a collection agency of sorts. Called the number back and they are looking for Angel something. She was pleasant and said she'd remove my phone number. We'll see...

Jersey Mark
31, Jan. 2013

Their website is Allied Collection Services, Inc. 3080 South Durango Drive Suite 208 Las Vegas, NV. 89117-9194 Phone: 702-737-5506 Fax: 702-737-5507 Note: This is ACSI is based in Nevada. There is another ACSI based out of 725 Washington Street, Columbus, Indiana 47201. I will look through corporate records and see if they're related. Use the above info to refer them to the BBB, or to send them 'blast' faxes, etc. See customers' experience at Have fun, Jersey Mark

3, Apr. 2013

They called and hung up immediately.

7, May. 2013

They seem to be calling me from 2 numbers: (702) 932-3860 and (866) 377-3956. Trying to find mr number app as suggested here. GRRRRRRRR

18, May. 2013

I alredy call home land security, to check them out, say that they will look into it, and passed to the FBI. They did give me same adress, asking for a check to the Allied collection service

9, Oct. 2013

I get a call from this number twice in a day, they never answers. They just hang up. I am constantly receiving these call on a regular basis......stop calling me

24, Dec. 2013

IT's collections from Sprint

10, Mar. 2014

It is collections from Sprint...we all need to pay our bill apparently! lol hahaha

Pissed Off
9, May. 2014

Same as everyone above, it comes up as "800 Service." Both numbers call at least an average of 6 times a day. It very well could be SPRINT Collections because they have been over charging me for a year. Ive called them every month without fail they bounce me to several customer service, wasting hours at a time trying to get them to fix my account. Every month they assured that it was credited & fixed. The next month the same. I kept paying the bill not wanting it to affect my credit. I got fed up on March 3 & told the 4th person that I will not pay any more bills until they credit my account properly including taxes & surcharges. The lady promised to analize what I said & call me back no later than Wed March 5th. Left a Voice Mail later that evening stating she saw what I was saying & thought she could propose a good fix & would call me back. I stayed home forv2 days straight waiting for her call and she never called back. I started getting calls from the collection department looking for payment. I asked if there had been a credit on the account qnd she said no. I said the deal was, MayLynn from Texas fixes my account, then I'll pay the bill, not before then. We had Excellent Credit, 2 lines were costing me $251.00 a month, that's beyond ridiculous. Now I am getting these calls. I answer once in a while but no one is there. Thats so they can say that they tried to call you, then sell your account to companies that buy your information for pennies on the dollar andvthen turn around and send you debt collection notices as if they are attorney's hired by Sprint to coll and will offer you a settlement. These Attorney's file suit against you bin the county small claims court. Then your having to hir3 an attorney or file for your own appearance. You don't realize that the obsessive calling from different numbers is called spoofing and against the law. If you hire a good reputable law firm, they will give you a free consultation and you will most likely save yourself Thousands by hiring an attorney to appear & fight it for you. (Im not a lawyer, but have been going through this with another company as well.) Judges with side with the attorney over you every time; just as a judge taking the police officers word over yours even if they are wrong. The question isnt if you owe the money, but rather how much you owe. Many of these companies are buying debt and lieing about the amount that you actually owed. If you know that the autobot calling is illegal then DONT TALK TO THEM AT ALL ABOUT THE ACCOUNT. Tell them that your seeking legal advice. Too many people are falling for this. But it is published that its against the law to harass somebody like this. You can counter sue and possibly have the case stricken or an agreement for repayment if you are willing to hand over your money without being able to prove that you can not be assumed reasonably knowledgeable about the laws. Thats about impossible to prove that all those calls were answered and no one was on the phone with you. Bottom line, I'm Done talking with Sprint. I am having my attorney handle it now. They don't want to fix anything. That would cost them money. I'd be willing to bet that the lady who was trying to help me was intercepted by someone who listens to the reccorded calls and she was told not to call me back. That's why they can't give you a number to call them back directly. If you have any accounts that are not paid up to date, look a Reputable Firm in the nearest major city near you. Local firms have less experience with these type of companies that are basically the "ambulance chacers" of debt collecting. Its a shame that its come to this but the economy brings the worst out of big business. Good luck and dont give in, fight for whats right. Make sure you make all of your friends aware of this immoral business behavior, that's how we the people can make a difference.

7, Jul. 2014

If this is Sprint collections why do they keep hanging up???

8, Sep. 2014

They have called a few times in the last several days. I don't pick up, because it's not a number I recognize.

24, Nov. 2014

Wouldn't tell me their name. Wanted to know my name. I said you won't tell me yours I won't tell you mine. I have them blocked now.

no one home
4, Aug. 2015

Been getting calls from (866-377-3956) and (703-933-3860) trying to collect on a disputed Sprint bill that Sprint said they took care of. They call 5 or 6 times a day and never leave a message. I called Sprint to complain but they said once it gone to collections,it was out of their hands. Switched carriers, obviously, and now if I see their number come up, I answer in my best answering machine voice, "The Sprint wireless number you have called is no longer in service. If you need further assistance, Please call Sprint Wireless. Recording number A207." Don't know if they listen, but it makes me feel better. Lol.

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