Phone: 702-430-3191

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Las Vegas, Nevada
Its exchange 430 is managed by LEVEL 3 COMMUNICATIONS, LLC -
The number is currently on switch number NLVGNVBVDS0 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 35% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 28 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Precision Opinion, Nevada Call"
Arizona Resident
10, Aug. 2012

These people are in Las Vegas, NV and doing business under the name "Precision Opinion." If you call the number, you get a recorded message, then they hang up. They clearly state since they do surveys on "public opinion" they are not bound by the Do Not Call Registry. I blocked them.

Florida Resident
18, Aug. 2012

Listened to the message. I don't give a d**n about the public surveys. We should be given the option to opt out, if we take the time to call back! GRRRRRR

pat schilling
21, Aug. 2012

asking for a Sheila Schilling. I don't know any Sheila Schilling. Caller was told that there was no person by that name at this phone # but they keep calling back.

HI resident
24, Aug. 2012

Some have it listed as a Nevada fertility clinic??

Piedmont VA
23, Sep. 2012

Came up as unknown caller. Recognized as las vegas where I have friends I visited just last week. I answered the call, but no one was on the line. I waited a bit to see if it would click-over and someone would come on, but did not. Just hope they don't have me registered as being a sucker by answering and continue to call.

4, Oct. 2012


10, Oct. 2012

Showed up as "unknown" on the caller ID. The number is a survey about the current political elections.

16, Oct. 2012

Keeps calling. No message. I am on Do not Call list.

19, Oct. 2012

If you hang up on these people, they will call and hang up every two hours. Pretty sad I had to buy number blocking so I can get a whole night's sleep.

Steve - A Vietnam VET
11, Nov. 2012

Called on Veteran's Day, 2012, while this Vet was eating dinner with his wife of 40 years (and his Vietnam pen-pal.) If you don't know the caller, let it go to message record and don't answer - which is what I did, and they hung up. So it was essentially a waste of their time, not mine....

18, Dec. 2012

My elderly mother keeps getting calls from this number. She doesn't answer. Scares her.

24, Dec. 2012

You can use the link below to get off of their calling list.

Linda S.
10, Jan. 2013

These people called me 3 ties on Jan.9,2013 at 9:12pm,.922pm and 9:33 pm...every 10 minutes! I finally picked up the phone on the 3rdcall and they asked fo rme by my full name...which I foudn disturbing. when I asked what it was about they said they were a survey company and wanted me to take a survey of some sort. I freake dout becaue firat of all...calling me every 10 minutes and hanging up was very disturbig...I have a long commute to & from work and I was sleeping..I was exhausted. I freaked out on her and she was very apologetic but it was too late...I told her I do nto take surveys and never ot call me again...2 hours have passed and they haven't called bak so hopefully they never will can we stop these types of calls?

Marina K
23, Jan. 2013

they call every single day 2 times a day. when I tell them to stop they hang up. Today they said they will call at a better time and laughed at me when I said I will obtain a police warrant to stop this harassment.

Not very happy!
9, Feb. 2013

S B C Telecom, Inc. (702) 437-976-2250 Spectrum Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89101 This is from the BBB site. Call and complaine.

Ty Bauer
28, Mar. 2013

Called 7 times between 7;45 and 8:20. i am sick of this. and every time i answer, it hangs up on me right away. no voicemail, calling every few minutes and so incredibly disrespectful. this c**p needs to come to an end. NOW!!!

21, Jun. 2013

First off the SECOND call came in after 9 pm, which is against the law. the first call was for someone who never lived here, the second asked for someone who does not live here, and I want the calls to STOP.

24, Jun. 2013

They call but don't leave a message. They call during work hours, after work hours, and on the weekends. I entered my number in the remove link mentioned above. Hopefully it work.

25, Jun. 2013

The call my Employment every night at 9:00pm but our answering machine gets it. They continue to call even though no one is here to answer their call. So I guess the joke is on them.

29, Jun. 2013

I let it ring and the answering machine picked it up... but they didn't hang up... just took up space on my machine.

29, Jun. 2013

The National No Call List published my phone number so these scammers can harass me on the phone many times a day.

Totally Fighting them back
30, Jun. 2013

Get a air horn any dollar store in the toy section carries them. Next time they call let it rip! Eventually they will stop. I had enough of these thieving liars who have nothing better to do than annoy us. Fight back!

21, Jul. 2013

The caller claims they are a research company and insists to talking to my husband. She said he was chosen and needs to participate in the research. They called 4 times on a Sunday.

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