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20, Mar. 2018

They are now spoofing phone numbers.

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9, Feb. 2017

This co calls several times a day

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10, Oct. 2015

johnathan shaw dob 6.28.95 ssn 530 87 9245 is mentally ill schizophrenic...addicted to meth and spice. he is stalking me and cyber stalking me. he is court ordered to leave me alone. he is a thief...plays call of duty and steals from people thru 3rd party malwear. several f.b.i reports have been made. johnathan is a habitual criminal and is on 5 yrs felony burglary probation. please call his officer laputf 702-486-3001! as he is court ordered to leave ne alone and continues to cyberstalk abd stalk me!!!

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6, Jul. 2013

This place has called me numerous times. If it doesn't leave a message- it just waits on the line and hangs up. I need them to just stop calling my number!

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23, Jan. 2012