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23, Mar. 2016 Reply

I have also received several calls from this phone number. I also parked across the street from Gold & Silver Pawn in Vegas. Very annoying!

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27, Oct. 2015 Reply

Here are the other number 518-417-0931 & 518-417-2193

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20, Mar. 2015 Reply

This number calls everyday! The same guy . I tell hom I'm not interested and he says ok ill call back later. What a freak. Says something about solar program.

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1, Feb. 2015 Reply

I do not have AT&T wireless.

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26, Dec. 2014 Reply

Calls all day and night and never leaves a message

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14, Oct. 2014 Reply

Told us "They can't be touched by the FCC"

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24, Sep. 2014 Reply

I cancelled my subscription previously as I was moving but they said they delivered to my area so I resubscribed. They are from the Las Vegas Review Journal.

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7, Apr. 2014 Reply

I know where this call came from; I used to live in Vegas on Trail Canyon Drive, and the number has been traced to the warehouse area by Sunbelt Rentals off of American Pacific Drive. My son's a private dick; I'll have him handle this guy.

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5, Sep. 2013 Reply

When answering the call from 702-331-8503 female only says hello.

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31, Aug. 2013 Reply

Two recorded calls in one day from this person.

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31, Jul. 2013 Reply

They are trying to sell.

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10, Jun. 2013 Reply

We have filed and complaint here before about this company yet they still continue to call and harass us daily. We have told them each time we are not interested to take us off the list they laugh, hang up on us and continue to call us daily. This is harassment! Please fine them.

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23, May. 2013 Reply

this is a company that refuses to ID themselves or stop calling and said "shut the fuck up" when told about the do not call list.

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5, Dec. 2012 Reply

They call at least twice a day. The recorded message says it has an important message.

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7, Nov. 2012 Reply

Keep calling even though I've told them to stop.

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18, Sep. 2012 Reply

They said they were from explore talent and that they were looking at my profile. They knew my whole name.

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30, Aug. 2012 Reply

Constant calls from these people. On Do-Not-Call list, does not matter.

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29, Aug. 2012 Reply

these jerks called me, I EVEN ANSWERED the phone so I could talk to them and tell them to stop calling me. They didn't even BOTHER to talk to me. Nothing on the line. I mean, WHY call and harass people if you aren't even going to talk to them when they answer? And now, my phone won't hang up. I get a busy signal. They have hung on the line or something, I am not allowed to call out anymore on my landline! No wonder we are all going to cell phones!

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7, Jul. 2012 Reply

They call me multiple times a week and will not take me off there list how do I report them and end these scam calls.

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3, Jul. 2012 Reply

There was no msg. HOW can ALL these companies continue to call when I'm on the "Do Not Call Registry"????????????

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22, Jun. 2012 Reply

Today is the 2nd time I have pressed 9 to be removed. Each time I do this I just get cut off.

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25, May. 2012 Reply

Receive weekly and monthly calls from a man and a woman. Have asked that they take us off of their call list, to no avail.

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28, Feb. 2012 Reply

Hung up.