Area Code 701

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Area code: 701
State: North Dakota
Country: USA
25, Sep. 2017

Consumer has received a phone call from Winners International and the solicitor has claimed that the consumer has won $2.5 million.

24, Sep. 2017

I do not know how they got my number

23, Sep. 2017

shows on the screen with the phone no.: V01021638110005.

22, Sep. 2017

I am a traveling Upscale Courtesan. And this # contacted me claiming to have met me (gave my hotel name and my exact room # and everything)...threatened to be the police ready to raid my room and shoot me if i did not come outside. Obviously there;s nothing like that going on..but its obviously someone who found out some way, where i am. I'm obviously FAR away from there now, but its still very innerving

Larry & Chris
22, Sep. 2017

They rang my #, but didn.t leave a VM Message.

21, Sep. 2017

Rude, pushy female caller.

21, Sep. 2017

I have neither credit card.

21, Sep. 2017

Asked him to remove number from database.

15, Sep. 2017

This number calls 3-5 times a day and typically hangs up.

12, Sep. 2017

Wanted to verify that I had requested a balance transfer for a large amount. I called back using the fraud department number on the website.

5, Sep. 2017

If I want to vote for these people I will.

5, Sep. 2017

unsolicited call which has occurred more than once

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