Phone: 701-660-0200

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Casselton, North Dakota (660) exchange.
Around 42% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 19 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "CASSELTON, UNKNOWN NAME"
26, Feb. 2012

When answered just dead air on the other end for 10 seconds and then hangs up.

11, Apr. 2012

I answer but get no response,so i hang up If it continues i will report it

12, Apr. 2012

This number continues to call our home phone during the day but never leaves an answer.

14, Apr. 2012

Name unknown and number not recognized, so I did not answer.

15, Apr. 2012

6 calls thus far, I do not answer, no message left. Who is it? It may be from a community 15 miles from me.

24, Apr. 2012

10 calls thus far, no message left, dead air for 10 secs, would like to file a complaint.(who to?)

22, Sep. 2012

It starts out \"if your are a senior citizen\"... I have received this call 3 times in the last 12 hours, it would like it stopped.

12, Oct. 2012

Not sure who these people are but it is getting annoying they have called at least once for the last 3 days, when is enough enough

27, Nov. 2012

Called, no answer, hung up after 10 seconds

13, Jul. 2013

Two calls 12 Jul 13 at 8:16 pm 13 Jul 13 at 9:40 am

13, Jul. 2013

they have called 6 times since 7/1 on both home and cell phone. when they were told that our phones were on the do not call list they became rude.

25, Nov. 2013

Gap in someone answering. Wanting to know if I still looking for job. Then go back to college. Looking up on internet says Invest In Oil.

25, Jan. 2014

This number has called me 4 times this week. I never answer unknown numbers -they never leave a voicemail so I don't return the calls. I hate answering numbers like this, in case it is a scam.

8, Apr. 2014

They requested for me (my name) & then asked if I could take a short survey about some loans that I do not have. A male voice spoke quickly and was hard to understand. I think he said I had a "...'family education loan', is that correct?" I responded with, "I'm not familiar with that one." and he responded with, "thank you for your time" & hung up.

5, Jun. 2014

It Sounded like they said they were calling for Odney and the had a short survey for people living in Devil's Lake. I don't live in that area nor did I take the survey.

21, Jun. 2014

Has called me twice so far. Does come out of casselton but have not picked up to answer it

4, Aug. 2014

Called when I answered they hung up.

12, Sep. 2014

This number is listed given on a homestay website for an address in Seattle that doesn't exist for a fake family called "Perry Family". The tried to get one of my ESL students to send them $2,400 in advance, refused to meet the student and asked the student to send a money gram to Mercy Brafowa at 615 w. 31st St.,, Chicago, IL 60616. My student is very innocent and it's a terrible shame people are preying their scams on them. Thankfully she asked me to help her reply to their email as her English is limited.

21, Nov. 2014


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