Phone: 701-540-5519

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Fargo, North Dakota
Its exchange 540 is managed by 360NETWORKS (USA) INC. - ND
The number is currently on switch number RARGNDMWWAA (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 75% of people reported it as "Recorded Message"
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Sick of Telemarketers
26, Dec. 2013

These people have called me a few dozen times this month using different phone numbers but always the same recorded message about loans. My phone is a cell phone on the do not call list, but it apparently doesn't matter to these morons. Don't know why they would bother calling me - there is no way I would ever do business with agressive telemarketers.

6, Jan. 2014

Pre-approved... blah blah blah.I just answer and let the entire message play out. Then hang up. Costs them $ not me. Doesn't matter that my cell # is on the do not call list. Idiots. I block EVERY number they change it to.

6, Jan. 2014

Call 877-453-8353 ask for fraud dept. Hang on when they transfer you, don't push anything. Report the number. They will get you off the list. :-) -S

22, Jan. 2014

I called the number back, since hanging up on their calls doesn't work as they've been calling every day, got an a*****e who hung up on me when I said to stop calling. I called back & this time got a guy who was nicer and he apologized and said they'd take my number off the list. We'll see.

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