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27, Feb. 2016 Reply

I have asked them everytime I answer to take me off their list and notify them that they are in violation of the NO CALL policy.

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14, Oct. 2015 Reply

Calls come in several times a day.

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15, Sep. 2015 Reply

THey have called me 5 times within the last 5 minutes.

Stew J
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28, May. 2015 Reply

Number keeps calling my private cellphone

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20, May. 2015 Reply

Recorded call saying to press 1 to get money every 2 weeks

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13, May. 2015 Reply

they said they c0uld 0ffer me a l0an f0r my business 0f up t0 250,000 can y0u please tell me if this is a legitimate c0mpany because i am a business and d0 need a l0an . thanky0u

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29, Apr. 2015 Reply

The caller mentioned that he received my information from some national auto insurance database, and wanted to talk about what items I currently have insurance on. I hung up.

Henry Alicea
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12, Apr. 2015 Reply

How do I stop this caller many messages and call back to stop caller only to get a recording.

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2, Apr. 2015 Reply

Recorded Message regarding loans. If you wait until the end of the call there is an option to opt out BUT it does not work. Calls once a day to a place of business and hitting the opt out option clearly does not work.

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31, Mar. 2015 Reply

Probable scammer, asking for donations to an Indiana police fraternal group - I just hung-up! The "Do Not Call Lists" in this country are worthless, about the same caliber as our politicians!

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27, Mar. 2015 Reply

Scam. Phishing for info using free home security systems.

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25, Mar. 2015 Reply

And to call them back its a unknown number and no one answers.

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24, Mar. 2015 Reply

This phone number contacted me today, and a foreign man asked for me. When I asked him to identify himself he would not. He then went on to say that he was calling about my insurance rates. When I told him I was not interested in his services he continued to talk over me. I then told him 4 times to place me on his companies do not call list. He once again interrupted me and would not agree to do so. I then told him I would be reporting this company!

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20, Mar. 2015 Reply

same company calls using different numbers.

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6, Mar. 2015 Reply

I've rec'd at least 2 calls from this #. No VM was left but this # is calling a lot of people. When they answer, the caller hangs up. If they call back, they receive a msg stating dial #1 if you no longer want to receive these calls. But as one person said - they then call using other phone#s.

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5, Mar. 2015 Reply

Called and when answered hung up. Very annoying when businesses do this.

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4, Mar. 2015 Reply

They have continued to call and call after I told them I was on the national do not call registry

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27, Feb. 2015 Reply

The following 1-800 numbers are associated with this behavior: 1-800-680-2724 1-800-246-3880 1-800-212-2658 1-800-176-1204 1-800-238-1225

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24, Feb. 2015 Reply

Solicitation call for free preion medicines.

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27, Jan. 2015 Reply

She sounded like a robot. But when I asked her if she was a robot she said "No I'm a real person, why are you asking?" Then I said, "I don't recognize this number." She said, "Can you repeat that? The reason for my calling..." I said "What company is this?" Long pause.. Hung up. Sounded like a robo call to me. I called back and there was a recorded message about pressing 1 to be removed from future promotional call list. No other options were given I did press 1. It hung up after saying please give us 72 hours to remove this number.

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14, Jan. 2015 Reply

called on hung up on both my personal and work numbers

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2, Oct. 2014 Reply

block this number

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15, Aug. 2014 Reply

for name on ID it lists FT Lauderdale,FL

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11, Apr. 2014 Reply

When you call the number back, you are immediately routed to a recorded call explaining how you can enter your phone number into their internal 'do not call database.' I have down this on more than one occasion, and still continue to receive calls from this spammer.

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19, Mar. 2014 Reply

These dooshbags called at 3;15am on my cell phone,,,,,fn jackoffs,,,,,,,,bad enough getting phone calls at 8 or 9 pm from solicitors,,,,,,,but 3;15 doooooooooshbagssss !

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12, Mar. 2014 Reply

called at 1:51 AM last night. Woke up the whole house. Didn't answer, didn't call back. Also on DNC Registry. Will start leaving ringer off at night and only keep personal cell phone on. Hope they get the message. Congress needs to get some slick techno people who are smarter than these clowns to put a stop to it. They have no problems listening in on our phone calls so they have SOME techno skills . Guess we're low on the priority list.

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17, Jan. 2014 Reply

They call several times a day. Let answering system answer and they do not talk. I answered once and told them I am on the DO NOT CALL List and to remove me from their list. Is there really a DO NOT CALL LIST?? If so why don't you stop these calls????????????

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17, Dec. 2013 Reply

report them!!

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11, Nov. 2013 Reply

They were trying to steel me a security system. I waited for the recording & pressed one to speak to a rep & was disconnected. Stupid scam! The phone company should block these calls but they won't!!

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18, Oct. 2013 Reply

This number has called my home phone a couple of times...does not leave message. I have not tried to call it back.

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27, Sep. 2013 Reply

Loan scam

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18, Sep. 2013 Reply

they call my house every week!

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4, Sep. 2013 Reply

Unknown company. No one ever says anything on the phone. This is one of several calls received from the same number.

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20, Aug. 2013 Reply

Asking for a "Brandy Johns"...called several times (always someone else asking for "Brandy". Told them this is a corporation not a residence and to take off their call list...never happens.

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19, Aug. 2013 Reply

This phone number called several times today. I called back and all I got was a recorded message to press 1 to stop receiving phone calls. There were never any other options, nor was a company name given.

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29, Jul. 2013 Reply

i think they're calling for the impeachment of Obama!

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19, Jul. 2013 Reply

This is getting really quite annoying.

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17, Jul. 2013 Reply

To resolve this harassment I have reported this to North Dakota Attorney General. Then called Paul Maduno at 301-251-5420 to let him know that he will be held liable.My mother is 84 and in poor health. She has been receiving phone calls in the wee hours.

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16, Jul. 2013 Reply

They call me everyday! I have told the caller to stop calling me, but she has various excuses including I must have inquired about their services.

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13, Jul. 2013 Reply

They call me and said that my family has been approved of a life time insurance from the Government. ps like the government would care

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9, Jul. 2013 Reply

Receive weekly and monthly calls from a man and a woman. Have asked that they take us off of their call list, to no avail.

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8, Jul. 2013 Reply

they call all times of the day and when u answer they won't talk but have been informed verbally not to call.

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7, Jul. 2013 Reply

These people do not stop calling and they call three to four times day. They are also calling our cell phones!

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17, Apr. 2013 Reply

Called at 11:00 EST, any idea who these guys r?

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16, Apr. 2013 Reply

received a call from 701-248-1324 at 2:02pm MST on 04/15/2013. They keep calling but wont leave a message. I'm on the national do not call registry. They need to be shut down.

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14, Mar. 2013 Reply

This was a recorded call.

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14, Mar. 2013 Reply

This number calls me almost daily, morning and night. I have tried to call the number back and it will not pick up. I have no way to reach them in person. I want it to stop!!

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14, Mar. 2013 Reply

Asking for people to leave confidential financial information in a voice mail message to receive a call back.

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14, Mar. 2013 Reply

We have received numerous calls from this company. It's always a recording. Today I pressed the number asked for to talk to someone. I asked her they were calling since we were on the do not call list. She disconnected me at this point.

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18, Feb. 2013 Reply

Cruise line advertisement. Uses my prepaid minutes up. Costs me money.

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16, Feb. 2013 Reply

Didn't answer. No message. Minot, ND

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14, Feb. 2013 Reply

701-248-1031 calls numerous times and I requested they not call me again.