Phone: 701-248-1374

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Minto, North Dakota
Its exchange 248 is managed by QWEST CORPORATION - ND
The number is currently on switch number MINTNDBARS2 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 42% of people reported it as "Telemarketer"
There has been a total of 21 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "No one, INSACCOUNT"
9, Jul. 2013

They call 5 to 6 times a day on my business line. I want it to stop.

9, Jul. 2013

They call my office five to six times a day and have for about two months. I have to stop work and run through a huge building to get to my phone. If I didn't want their insurance 45 calls ago wouldn't you think they'd get the hint? They're too stupid to buy from if I did need insurance. And how rude is a recording? They don't even have the decency to invade my life in person.

9, Jul. 2013

FYI- This telephone number (along with many others) belongs to a public telecom utility named CallerId4u Inc. These telephone numbers are used for illegal telemarketing calls. In addition, CallerID4u profits from these calls by entering into revenue sharing agreements with the telemarketers who conduct these illegal calls.

24, Jul. 2013

Calls at least 2x daily. I never answer.

1, Aug. 2013

Calls my business everyday. I have asked to be removed from there data base and I have been ignored. I will be reporting them.

3, Aug. 2013

You folks think the crooks read your complaints? Or if they did, that they would give a *&%#$? If they call, don't answer, if you answer, don't speak with them, hang up immediately and NEVER call them back. That's what they want. "The only trouble with common sense is that it's not very common." -Mark Twain

9, Aug. 2013

These people make these illegal telemarketing calls and constantly barrage me. I never pick up, but I have researched who they are... They are using a 701 area code, which is reserved for the government, and are pests...

6, Sep. 2013

File a complaint with the Do Not Call folks at: This is the only way to fight these annoying phone calls. I do not answer any calls that I do not recognize the phone number.

13, Sep. 2013

Has anybody considered a class action lawsuit?

7, Oct. 2013

They called my business line and I didn't answer because I didn't recognize it. they didn't leave a message.

8, Oct. 2013

4-5 calls per day, I answered once, it disconnected as soon as I picked up. I no longer answer this call.

11, Oct. 2013

This number called me. no one answers. I hanged up.

23, Oct. 2013

Calls several times a day. Will not go away.

24, Oct. 2013

these people call couple times a day. never leave a message and pick up nobodys there. just annoying.

25, Oct. 2013

Health Insurance For Everyone (HIFE). Owner name is joel slackman.. 800 688-5167.

28, Oct. 2013

I get calls from this number very frequently, and if I see INSACCOUNT appear on the screen, I do not even bother to answer it. Sometimes they call when I am away and I see that someone tried calling, but they leave no messages.

28, Oct. 2013

Called 9 times I am on the do not call list and they won't stop don't care

30, Oct. 2013

This company is trying to sell me insurance. They have called repeatedly.

15, Nov. 2013

This number keeps calling my office and no one ever speaks. Why call someone and say NOTHING! Can't we do something about these people?

18, Nov. 2013

Keeps calling my office several times a day. Glad I have caller id. They have also called my 85 year old mother trying to get personal information on her. Thank goodness she hung up on them.

17, Dec. 2013

report them!!

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