Area Code 682

Additional information:

Area code: 682
State: Texas
Country: USA
17, Oct. 2017

This number keep calling and when I answer no one there and when I call back it answers and hangs up

17, Oct. 2017

(b)(6) has no such bill, nor will we pay it!

17, Oct. 2017

This need to stop immediately!

17, Oct. 2017

I have not done business with this company/person.

16, Oct. 2017

They continued to call from a slightly different number (same Area code, same prefix, and only one or two of the last 4 digits are the same)

16, Oct. 2017

Seems like a scam...robotic voice "regarding your tax filings" urging me to call in next 24 working hours. Threatening if I don't call "you will be taken under custody by the local cops as there are 4 serious allegations under your name"

15, Oct. 2017

Get lost, Ray! I don't want your garbage. The "Do Not Call list must not apply to you. Stick it, anal pore!

13, Oct. 2017

I have no way of getting them to stop calling me.

13, Oct. 2017

Same thing from a number in Colorado 970-439-6702. Is this a scam?

13, Oct. 2017

9 PM is NOT a proper hour for other than an emergency phone call!

13, Oct. 2017

It is a weekly event for some bill collector or process server to call my phone asking for her.

12, Oct. 2017

Some robo call about a cruise.

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