Area Code 682

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Area code: 682
State: Texas
Country: USA
23, Apr. 2018

I couldn't understand a word that was being said. The call came from Texas, music playing in the background before it went quiet. Some Mexican middle aged man kept asking for the name of the homeowner, but that's all I could understand. Sound quality was extremely poor, and every time I asked him to repeat himself to clarify what he said, he would cut me off and ask another question.

19, Apr. 2018

Today I received a call from the number I listed above, and there was no one there.

18, Apr. 2018

They called again today May 1, 2015.

15, Apr. 2018

The caller is a subscriber of USA Mobility Mobile, according to a reverse-no.

15, Apr. 2018

have received many calls from the above number, today I called the number after received the call someone answered and I told them not to call again.

12, Apr. 2018

Asked to be removed fro Database

12, Apr. 2018

I stayed on the line one time to let them know that I'm on the national do not call list and they abruptly hung up.

12, Apr. 2018

called at 1:45 pm 3 times

12, Apr. 2018

Very annoying even time this number been calling hope there is a way to stop them thanks u .

12, Apr. 2018

I have between 4 & 10 more of these calls with different numbers all wanting to lower my charge care interest.

11, Apr. 2018

She responded by asking me if I had registered my number within the past 6 months because, she said, my registration would expire after 6 months.

11, Apr. 2018

Still number

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