Area Code 678

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Area code: 678
State: Georgia
Country: USA
19, Aug. 2017

This is a scam!!

19, Aug. 2017

An ass hole

19, Aug. 2017

She better leave me the f alone

16, Aug. 2017

This number just called me and when I answered the phone just disconnected. So I called the number back and it was an answering machine that did not leave a name but it did say if I wanted to be removed from the call list to push 1. So I did. Now lets see if it actually works. 08/16/2107 2:57pm

14, Aug. 2017

Fucking douchbags. Call at least once a week, usually 2-3 calls within 5 minutes. Never leave a message. Scammy Bullshit.

12, Aug. 2017

Scam-------caller asked for bail bond money to get grandson out of jail. Story complety false.

2, Aug. 2017

Robo website builder

1, Aug. 2017

stating claims against me, needing to have myself or my attorney call them. I have never wrote checks in Georgia. States with NA Group. Never heard of them either

31, Jul. 2017

I am getting tired of receiving calls from these people daily. I never contacted them for anything. I keep leaving complaints about these calls but they keep calling. Please make them stop

29, Jul. 2017

calls several times a day.. no message.. I do not answer

27, Jul. 2017

This person is selling fake dogs on the internet- Dobermans, Weimaraners, and Cane Corso's. There are probably more. A report has been made to the FBI.

26, Jul. 2017

He got mad when I asked why they were calling and hung up

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