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Phone: 678-918-4908

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Adairsville, Georgia
Its exchange 918 is managed by BROADWING COMMUNICATIONS, LLC
The number is currently on switch number ATLNGAQSDS5 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 28% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 25 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "No name, Children's Cancer"
24, Feb. 2013

Got a call from this number, said "Childrens Cancer" on the caller ID, assumed it was a hospital or charity organization. I picked up, female caller, they asked for my wife by name. I told her she wasn't home and offered to take a message, caller responded "there is no message" and disconnected. Charity soliciting donations, probably.

Jon Aiken
11, Mar. 2013

I don't answer calls that I don't recognize on Caller ID.

13, Mar. 2013

Caller ID showed Childrens Cance (my caller ID isn't long enough to spell out Cancer). I didn't recognize either the charity or the phone number, so I did not answer it. Seems strange that the call came from Adairsville, GA where they recently had a major tornado that destroyed most of the city. Why don't the callers put their efforts into physically rebuilding the city and helping their own local people instead of sitting on their butts making calls?

29, Mar. 2013

A woman asked for my husband by first name then started to solicit for breast cancer. I asked what kind of list did she get our number from and told her we are on the Nat'l do not call list and if she DOES call back EVER again I WILL file a complaint with the FCC, which I will do anyways.

24, Apr. 2013

Wanted me to donate money then ask me for my debit card number.

7, May. 2013

Please make sure that the charity calling is legit before sending any money. Anyone that asks for my debit card or credit card information on the phone can't be for real. Real charities will send you a pledge packet in the mail after you agree to donate. Don't be fooled folks. Giving your financial data over the phone is an opportunity for someone to steal your account and rack up charges.

10, May. 2013

Spoke with the rep calling and I did want to donate; however, during my "confirmation" and before I committed I asked what portion of the $40 donation would go to the program - 15%. So the fundraiser would receive $34 and the charity would receive $6 from my $40 and I don't know exactly what program would get the $6. They were all very polite - no issue there, but this is not what a cancer fundraiser should be on any level. SIGH.

Leigh Ann
30, May. 2013

Ask me to pledge to children's cancer and when I said I would they sent me to verification who wanted my credit card or debit card number. When I requested they send me the pledge card and I would mail a check she informed me that they needed it immediately. I said no thanks I never give out my card information.

9, Aug. 2013

I was sitting right next to phone and put the message machine on and they would not leave a message. SCAMMERS!!!!!!!!

14, Oct. 2013

Childrens Cancer my azz! Scammers! Nothing you can do except cut you ringer off or block them if you can. Never, ever, ever answer these calls folks! They are NOT who they say they are or show up on caller ID as. They use this "childrens cancer" to tap into your emotions and wallet. If you really want to help a childrens cancer charity, donate to St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital, they are legit, not these gutter sucking, vile infested maggots that keep calling you! The only way to stop these calls is to STOP answering them!

9, Nov. 2013

Received a call from this number. I answer it because it was a local area code and as others thought in might be a charity. They asked if this was (my name). I replied yes and they hung up! What is the deal?

6, Dec. 2013

Very polite young woman asked for me by name and immediately started her pitch. I had to interrupt to explain that I do not do business on the phone but if she mailed me some printed literature I would be glad to read it and consider it. Her you kmow what these children have to go through! Even $20 would help. I stuck to my request for printed literature and she ended the call. I doubt I will ever see a thing in the mail. We are on the no-call list and I want to know why we have to put up with this??????

25, Feb. 2014

In the past month I had a call from someone using the EXACT SAME verbage, the first call was a woman who asked for my father and when I said he was not here they assumed I was my mother "Actually we were calling to speak with either of you" before I got a word in letting them know I was not who they were looking for she began her pitch... She told me she was from an organization that raised money for injured police officers... bla bla bla something about a packet in the mail and donating money... I was questionable about it and just took an easy way out and lied and said I was there sixteen year old daughter... Tonight I got a call from this number, sounding almost like the SAME woman... the verbage was so generic! Just as last time she asked for my Dad and when I said he was not here she had the same response "Actually we were calling to speak with either of you" then went on with her pitch... I responded telling her I had someone call me claiming to raise money for police officers a few weeks before and she cut me off and said "no problem we will just call back at another time" ...... SCAM.... and how sick can you be to lie about raising money for children with cancer!

18, Mar. 2014

Candace ask to speak to Brian. I told her she had the wrong number. She said, Actually I don't. I'm sure you would like to donate to Children's Cancer. I told her we already donate. She just kept on and on. I finally had to hang up. I get these same calls all the time and she always ask for Brian and says her name is Candace.

24, Mar. 2014

Caller ID showed CHILDERN CANCE[R] I picked up the receiver (WHY I DON'T KNOW!) and no one was there. They call approx. once a week. Usually, I look at the Caller ID and do not answer. Don't know why I answered this time. But, I think I will answer next time and tell them I am interested in everything they have to say because no one ever calls me and I so need someone to listen to..That I just like to hear another person's voice. Please keep talking and I will just listen to everything they have to say. Then just lay the phone down and every once in a while pick it up and say "REALLY?" Then lay it back down. Then next say, "I'm listening." and lay it back down. Just let them talk their voise away and maybe they will get the message that calling my number just waste their valuable time trying to scam other people. And maybe they will stop calling me!!!! When I do get a telephone scammer , and you can tell they are after only money, I tell them that I do not support/respond to charitable organizations over the phone. In fact when any stranger calls and starts asking for ANY INFORMATION over the phone I explain that I do not know who they are (even if they say they are somebody worth listening to, they could be lying) and I will not give out ANY INFORMATION over the phone. They usually go away. It's sad to live in this invironment today. Use to be able to trust most everybody. We have so many liers now. Now, hope you have a good day, and just don't give liers another minute of your life. ;)

17, Jun. 2014

I just received a call from this number. As others have stated, I was asked for my credit/debit card number. I refused. They then offered to send out a pledge card. They already had my street address. I waited about 10 minutes after ending the call to call their number. An answering service said, "You have reached the CCF..." A legitimate charity would never request your credit/debit card information on the phone. I am going to assume these folks are scammers. There is a Children's Cancer Fund on the web. Its home base is located in Texas. The organization is also listed as one of the 10 worst charities: "Children's Cancer Fund of America is one of five Reynolds family charities that raises millions in the name of cancer, but spends most of that paying for-profit companies." (

17, Jul. 2014

Received a call from them tonight. A woman asked for me by name and when I told her it was me talking, she said that I was hard to reach. Say what? I am not hard to reach. Anyhow she did her sympathy sales pitch, telling how you can bring a smile to children in the hospital with cancer. She asked if I would make a pledge if she sent out a pledge card. I told her to first send me some info on the organization so I can look them up and see if they are legit, but she said they do not send out info but only explain it over the phone and asked if I would make a $20 pledge. I told her "send info as it will only be done my way because..". then she hung up on me before I finished talking. SCAMMERS!

Another robo call
9, Sep. 2014

Called at 8:21 in the morning, waking me up! But first they spoofed a phone number of a friend of mine so I would pick up the phone. When I answered the phone there was no one there. I hung up, and then the phone rang again. I answered again, thinking it was my friend, but it wasn't. Still, no one on the other end, so I said hung up. I then noticed on my caller ID that it was "Childrens Cance" and 678-918-4908. I have dialed *60 and added that number to my list of numbers that are blocked from reaching me. I think the first call (spoofing my friend's number) was a way for them to find out if someone would answer the phone. But how would they know what number to spoof? I called my friend to find out if he really called me, but he didn't answer the phone. So I left a message. He never calls me that early, unless it's an emergency.

28, Oct. 2014

Broadwing communications is a free internet phone number. Google Voice has free phone numbers and I think they use Broadband communications. So, always beware of internet phone numbers. Also, the No Call List cannot do anything about the internet numbers nor the spoofed American scam numbers that come from mostly Brazil and Russia.

28, Feb. 2015

They call every week asking for a donation. We are always saying "No" because no one in my household feels comfortable donating over the phone or through the mail. We prefer to physically go to legit organizations and donate. February 27, a woman asked for me by name. She said "You're harder to reach than a pickle in a pickle jar!!!" That irritated me because I know how these people work and try to reel you in. She asked for a $40 donation. I told her "No". She asked for $20. I said "No". She asked if she could send a packet in the mail for a small donation and I told her "Sure". She proceeded to connect me to someone else. I then hung up. They called me 4 times afterwards. I didn't answer. They called me the next day. I answered. They asked for a $10 donation. I declined. The woman said "Thank You. Have a blessed day" and hung up. I complained to the National Do Not Call List. Not sure if that will work.

8, Apr. 2015

this is ridiculous. Colon cancer patients that are in financial hardships and going through treatment themselves and asking them to donate? What an idiot. Obviously I'm not the only one that has this opinion and continues to call my sister. I'm demanded they remove her 3 times and they still go on. & I know its the same one because she said oh you're harder to reach than a pickle in a pickle jar, really? And rude to top it off. If anyone hasn't found it, I will happily share the foundation's website, email address and toll free number to call and complain. I am

9, Apr. 2015

Like one of the commenters above, I was asked for by name, then (laughingly) told I am hard to get a hold of. The caller then launched into her pitch, clearly reading a script - telling me I can bring a smile to children in the hospital with cancer. She asked me if I would send in a pledge if she sent me a pledge card, at which point I told her I wasn't interested. Her reply: "Look, I know times are hard right now, but do you know what these kids go through?" That was all I needed to hear. I hung up.

18, Apr. 2015

Called last night and I saidc no. Called again at 8:900 AM

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