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21, Nov. 2017

Automated/robot message left on voicemail: congratulations, your loan has been approved. Never applied. Totally scammer!

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19, Oct. 2017

call starts with DO NOT HANG UP.

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9, Jun. 2017

I don't answer when I see a number I don't know. Heck I barely pick up when it's someone I do know! I checked the number on the internet and I think it's bill collectors called Performance. Are they calling just me or others are getting these as wel?

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18, Apr. 2017

an older woman called to "confirm my request to remove all personal information" from some database and cancel some magazine subscriptions--but also to verify that I wanted to renew something for five years at a cost of $900. I never removed personal information from some mystery database or signed up for automatic renewal. Who would pay $900 to auto-renew a magazine subscription? Ridiculous.

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19, Jan. 2016

this number has called me 11 times in 2 days.

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22, Aug. 2015

I have no idea what this is about.

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1, Oct. 2014

robo call, I have asked many time sot get off of their list only to be hung up on.

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26, Mar. 2014

This number keeps showing up on my caller ID, but when I call it back I am never able to get a live person. When they call me, it's always a recorded message. I actually called the police one day a few months ago because of another number that had the exact same recorded message but nothing came of the police involvement. Thanks for any assistance you can give me.

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12, Feb. 2014

Was a recording for some company and I had to press #1 to speak to a person to notify them not to call again.

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18, Jun. 2013

this company uses several phone numbers! They call at least once a week. it is very annoying on my cell phone.