Area Code 661

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Area code: 661
State: California
Country: USA
21, Oct. 2017

645 pm call no message. Who are these fools.

21, Oct. 2017

Also from, 866-590-7026 (Toll Free number).

21, Oct. 2017

Low life's who can't get real jobs so they try to scam people to make money. I guess they should have finished high school.

20, Oct. 2017

I have not done business with them and suspect someone sold my # to them.

19, Oct. 2017

he wanted to know how many miles were on my truck and knew what make and model my truck was.

The McGuffin
18, Oct. 2017

These purported IRS agents began calling Sept 21, 2017. These impertinent, heavily accented individuals (Indian) claimed that I was in danger of being arrested by the sheriffs office due to the taxes that I owe the government. They will talk all over you, stumbling over the multiple named office division that they work out of (that doesn't exist), and can't even follow their own scripts, constantly changing the amount of taxes you owe the government. They will interrupt you incessantly, in an effort to advance you towards their end goal, even if you agree to their scenario. I decided to play along in order to garner as much information from them as possible. I agreed that I could not tolerate an arrest and would pay the required $6,000+ at the IRS office. They kept redirecting me as this was a most delicate matter, and could be quickly cleared through their office, thereby saving me from any embarrassment. When I mentioned that I could send my brother with the payment, they were quick to claim that they could only deal with me, the taxpayer. I told them that he worked right across from the IRS office and he'd prepared my taxes, so I preferred that he take care of the issue. They double talked, claiming that the offer was extended to me alone and if I didn't cooperate, I would be arrested by the sheriff. Well, anyway, they argued down any proposition that I offered regarding payment directly to the IRS, so I finally agreed to their terms. They were so intent on adhering to their scripts (I was handed off to another 'specialist agent'), that I had to argue with the guy, telling him that he was holding me up from getting to the bank to make my withdrawal. After obtaining the money from the bank, I would be contacted again as I was directed to Target to pick up 3 gift cards, placing $2,000 on each. Once I advised that I had the money in hand, I was told that I would be meeting an individual in either the rear of the store or the parking lot, I'm not certain at this juncture. I told them that they were holding me up as I wanted to insure that I got the payment off before the office closed. They were to call me again, after I arrived at the area Target store and purchased the cards. I rushed them off the phone before they ever established which Target store I was going to, but inasmuch as they believed that I had indeed followed their directives and had the money, they called me incessantly, leaving a message or two, throughout the afternoon and evening. My phone recorded upwards of 20-odd calls before it became overloaded, the subsequent calls were shut down with the 'mailbox is full' message. The calls eventually stopped and I added their telephone number to my contact list as IRS Target Gift Card Scammers.

18, Oct. 2017

This company was selling a medical alert system.

17, Oct. 2017

any way can u stop them from callingthanks.

17, Oct. 2017


17, Oct. 2017

My wife got a call from this number as well within a 30 minute time frame. Call it back & it goes to voicemail of a Christina Orozco. Called it back 4-5 times & it goes straight to voicemail. Most likely fraud. Gonna definitely block this #

17, Oct. 2017

I hung up as soon as I heard mention of credit.

17, Oct. 2017

Very nasty foreign accented individual, maybe India or similar. Said they were calling from Sand Diego but caller ID showed Bakersfield (a little far away to be Sand Diego). Very rude when I said stop calling with this scam. Started calling me names. Just hang up and block the number and report it to the Federal Do Not Call registry, I did.

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