Area Code 661

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Area code: 661
State: California
Country: USA
21, Jan. 2018

once I place a complaint, they find a new number to call from.

21, Jan. 2018

Received 2 calls leaving voicemails both 44 seconds long stating I have 4 allocations against me and in 24 hours I will be taken into custody.

20, Jan. 2018

Same, Left a VM. Claimed to have 4 legal claims against me. That i had to call back with 24 hours or "local police" would come to arrest me, 1. why would the Federal Government give you a warming or a chance to escape? 2) If it was liguit, why haven't the IRS froze all my bank account or garnish my wages? 3) IRS probably have record of where I work so why don't they pick me up from there- I work long hour - they know where to find me.

19, Jan. 2018

I am being harassed by these people!

19, Jan. 2018

It states hit #9 to Opt out - to no avail.

19, Jan. 2018

text message sent to me about my C U card not a valid number

19, Jan. 2018

This is the second time they've called me while I was at work.

19, Jan. 2018

A woman called and I could not understand the name of the company she was saying but I did catch that it was a survey company.

18, Jan. 2018

calls numerous times a day for months.

17, Jan. 2018

recorded call said her name was "Amanda" & she is selling duct cleaning

16, Jan. 2018

The phone rings 1 or 2 times and stops.

16, Jan. 2018

i pressed 1 and actually talked to a person.

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