Area Code 660

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Area code: 660
State: Missouri
Country: USA
23, Feb. 2018

They call all the time asking if we want to take a loan

21, Feb. 2018

Has the past 2 days in the 9 am to 10 am central time hour.

‭+1 (660) 460-1411‬
10, Feb. 2018

This number keeps calling me since last week and when I pick up say hello they hang up. It’s a scam

9, Feb. 2018

Claim my computer is infected with a virus, etc.please stop them!When I tell them they must stop calling me they say they WILL continue to do so.

31, Jan. 2018

Complaint against this number has been previously filed.

26, Jan. 2018

I've asked nicely then screamed obscenities when I got two calls within a half hour of each other today.

16, Jan. 2018

called but did not leave a message

9, Jan. 2018

Another one acting like I know them with a file to open and download.

7, Jan. 2018

I tell them I do not own the vehicle, to take me off of their call list, and not to call me again.the very next day, guess who calls?.

5, Jan. 2018

This call was about filling an auto claim which more than likely would have been fraudulent claim.

1, Jan. 2018

these jerks are calling three-five times a day.

27, Dec. 2017

Unknown robo call will not leave a message.

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