Area Code 660

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Area code: 660
State: Missouri
Country: USA
16, Oct. 2017

somebody needs to shut these morons down, constant calling all times of the day`, no respect of no call list!

9, Oct. 2017

I then checked the do not call registry and my number has been registered since 2007.

7, Oct. 2017

they call almost every day in the morning.

5, Oct. 2017

I have complained to them before.

29, Sep. 2017

Calls leaves a message on my cell phone. Tells me to push 1 for more information. Can't push 1 it's a recording on my voicemail. Claims have my ss#, ein#, place employment. Claims letters have been sent. I have nothing from whomever they are. Heck i just spent 3months going thru finance company, cleaning up any debt and purchased a New House. Getting Old. They left no call back number

21, Sep. 2017

This is a SUNDAY also.

9, Sep. 2017

They keep calling me and leaving a message with a harsh/threatening tone. I think I'll answer and olay with them. I wonder if they accept pesos of Monopoly money as paymenr!!

26, Jul. 2017

Said he was in town looking thru property records in town hall but I live NJ area code Missouri. Said he wanted to buy myour house or offer referral fee for similar property.

30, Jun. 2017

Just a who're calling your man.

8, Jun. 2017

Got a call from this strange number . I looked up the number and it looks like its the collection agency called Sterling Jewelers. No idea why they're calling. Can someone confirm that it's really them?

1, Jun. 2017

Probable telemarketer. Calls constantly to my office. Never leaves a message (I screen my calls).

22, May. 2017

No person to speak with

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