Phone: 651-829-3262

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Hastings, Minnesota (829) exchange.
Around 50% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 12 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "no person there, Not Listed"
10, May. 2012

This outfit calls my house phone and we are on the DO NOT CALL REGISTRY. I just want them to stop NOW! Report it. do what you have to.

11, Jun. 2012

blank call

13, Jul. 2012

Calling several times a day. Who are they?

13, Jul. 2012

Must be an agency that solicits for newspaper subscriptions.

23, Jul. 2012

This number is a call center for the Pioneer Press. They called three times this morning. I called back and spoke with someone telling him to remove me from the call list and not to call me ever again. Another company, A Marketing Resource, also calls trying to sell the Pioneer Press. Hopefully I will be removed from both call lists.

26, Sep. 2012

I get phone calls from this number pretty much every day. When I answer no one says anything. Once they left me a voicemail. I heard a guys voice for about 2 seconds, and that was it. I have no idea who's number this is but I wish they would stop calling me!

25, Oct. 2012

thanks to anon from July for the PP info. We also get calls (unanswered) from this number at least twice a day and into the night.

19, Nov. 2012

From another forum.. it's the St. Paul Pioneer Press. Holy annoying...

9, Jan. 2013

They called me three times today. Starting at 8:00AM, and just now again at 8:20PM. Now that I know who they are, if they call again, I will pick up and give them an ear full. They are calling me mobile phone, which is registered on the Do Not Call list. I don't even know how they got my number. A-holes.

20, Jan. 2013

They call every day, even Sunday!! Leave no message, and when I call back, I get a recording that I called after hours, and please leave a message. What the hell!!!

26, Apr. 2013

This showed up on my Assurance Wireless basic cellphone as a missed call, so I had to delete it.

13, May. 2014

Keeps calling and when I answer, hangs up. Has called repeatedly in the past few days to my direct office line.

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