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21, May. 2018

Subject matter of the call: Missing school student - always missing

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14, May. 2018

Called multiple time and never conected. Most likely another scam.

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2, May. 2018

This company has called my phone number numerous times today.

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15, Feb. 2018

I was charged 50 cents by my carrier for this call.

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13, Dec. 2017

They wanted to diagnose my computer and charge me for service.

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8, Jun. 2017

I think it's First Step Group calling. I didn't bother picking up, think it's bill collectors. If I don't recognize the phone number I never answer.

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19, May. 2017

I have received 2 of these calls. Guess they targeted me cause I'm old. How do they get that info

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26, Mar. 2016

I told him once again to stop calling and he started SINGING over top of what I was saying

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2, Jan. 2016

They call from all different numbers and I want it to stop.

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30, Nov. 2015

I could here people talking to each other in the background about calling a number and leaving 3 messages already.

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23, Jul. 2015

I didn't answer. Apparently what is know as a phone hobbyists. Someone that is trying to hack into your computer.

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27, May. 2015

Called 12 times in four hours.

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29, Jan. 2015

I am on the National Do Not Call Registry but I still get many many calls like this solicitations that should not happen because I'm on the registry.

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25, Sep. 2014

did not answer as caller was unknown. did overhear a male voice ask "hello, hello"?

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2, Sep. 2014

This was a telemarket recording for vacations in Orlandp, FL

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10, Jun. 2014

Calls me twice per day and has for 3 months now. Never leaves a message and when I call back it says the number is not in service. I have blocked the number on my phone, but they calls continue.

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27, Jan. 2014

These recorded calls repeatedly tell me to contact them. They do not say which company. Since the message is recorded there is no way to ask them to stop calling. Please make them stop.

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2, Jan. 2014

This place keeps calling my home. When you call them back there is no answer.

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2, May. 2013

This number has called me twice today and I would like to block them. It is a recorded message.

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22, Feb. 2013

This number called me a few times. the first time when I answered - there was a recorded "Goodbye" the second time when I answered whoever it was hung up.

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16, Feb. 2013

612-212-7260 called my cell, but I generally do not answer unfamiliar #s and they left no message. So I'm only guessing at the company/caller based on the complaints I've read from people who did answer. If you answered, you might as well report the call to If you are on the Do Not Call Registry (I am), you can file your complaint here:

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9, Feb. 2013

I cannot call them back..dealine. today at 4:31pm. Please stop these annoying calls.

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18, Jan. 2013

this juliachikie5 has texted me twice to add her on y! messenger and when i reply she had told me she had no service as well. must be some type of virus

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8, Jan. 2013

They call constantly, after I have asked them to stop and put me on their "Do not call list." They continue to call, I don't answer them, and they still call. They never give the name of the company, or their name. If I call them back to ask them to stop, after they keep calling me, they just hang up on me.

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26, Jun. 2012

They call repeatedly throughout the day. I spoke to someone and asked not to be called. They continue to call!