Area Code 650

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Area code: 650
State: California
Country: USA
25, May. 2018

They call almost daily.

25, May. 2018

I have not asked for the company to stop calling me because it is a recorded message saying they would like to conduct a survey.

Transgender escort
24, May. 2018

He offers money for sexual favors to transgender escorts in COlumbus OH. He solicited me before for 100 at the holiday inn Downtown. He said his name is Andrew.

24, May. 2018

The calls come from different numbers about once a week.

24, May. 2018

I am tired of receiving these calls from these bastids.

23, May. 2018

This indicates the company does not consult the national Do Not Call list.

23, May. 2018

It would be wonderful if the FTC would act on some of these complaints and spend less time spying on Americans nnd on good people in other lands.

23, May. 2018

I get a call almost daily and hang up on them.

23, May. 2018

Says he's a police officer whom works with the IRS, obvious robot caller. Apparently I have IRS fraud and if I don't call them I'll be arrested

22, May. 2018

Phone number to cancel but so small I can't even read.

22, May. 2018

Requested they not call back only to receive another call within a half our later.

21, May. 2018

Repetitive harasser looking for a b(6) who never lived here, but evidently had this phone number before me.

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