Area Code 647

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Area code: 647
State: Ontario
Country: Canada
13, Dec. 2017

I believe it is a scam. They said a law suit was being held against me, and if I didn't call them back they would send the police to pick me up. I guess the police are gonna have to come pick me up because I don't even know what the law suit is about. Feels very much like a scam.

13, Dec. 2017

Treating law suit if I don't contact them ----- I'll get on that right away! (YEAH--right)

13, Dec. 2017

Same thing happened to me SCAM!!! Wish we could get the scum bags

13, Dec. 2017

Got a call today they asked for your full name, address, and postal code. Said they were credit and fraud protection for TD bank. Asked for full name address and date of birth. Did not ask for card #. Cut them off called TD that said they would never call to confirm an address or date of birth. TD said not to worry as all TD credit cards are financially protected from fraud..

13, Dec. 2017

This company has called me twice now, dead air the first time, and a voicemail of nothing the second time.

13, Dec. 2017

Just block them on your phone. Scam!!!! MOFO's Get a F@#$%^ Life. If the IRS was trying to contact you it would say the Government Of Canada

13, Dec. 2017

they have called me 11 times and I wait and push the stop calling me and they call me again

13, Dec. 2017

My wife has answered my phone and also asked them to stop calling.

13, Dec. 2017

This call was a personal information phishing scam.

12, Dec. 2017

Yes, they called us today to say that we have to go through a fraud investigation. I told my husband right away that this is a scam.

12, Dec. 2017

Every time I get it I hang up but I am on the do not call list and I believe it is illegal what they are doing.

12, Dec. 2017

Utilities scam

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