Area Code 646

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Area code: 646
State: New York
Country: USA
19, Aug. 2017

I don't understand what a phone hobbist is.

16, Aug. 2017

I got the same bullshit message saying I needed to call back to avoid a lawsuit for tax evasion and I tried to call to mess with them but it was a busy signal every time. Must be busy trying to scam other innocent people. This infuriates me! I reported the number I hope something can be done!

14, Aug. 2017

August 14th 4:39 PM just received call from this scammer. Kept him on the line for a several minutes and he finally hung up on me. I'm an Illinois resident

11, Aug. 2017

I love wasting there time. I get them to stay on phone as long as possible. i tell them am at the store then read the number wrong. I gave them the address to the white house. the number to the FBI. these idiots still believed me until someone got on the phone and told me to go F myself. I told them as soon as am off his mother. he hung up. LOL

10, Aug. 2017

Just a call i got, but don't know the number. Said it's from NY

10, Aug. 2017

This 646-809-9674 continues to call. I don't owe IRS and have blocked this #. Do not give your info

9, Aug. 2017

Says this is Mike of U.S Government foriegn accent. I've asked them not to call me anymore; several different times, from the many, many numbers they call from. Upset that i continue to get calls from these folk!!!

9, Aug. 2017

Called, sent to voicemail. No message. Probably spam

9, Aug. 2017

Do not answer unknown numbers or if caller ID does not pop up. If it is a friend or legit business, the caller will leave a voice mail and then you will know the answer.

4, Aug. 2017

Offering an electronic pain relief (TENS) device.

4, Aug. 2017

I was told 'the local cops', haha!

3, Aug. 2017

Same thing. First left recorded message from 646.904.8625, then from 510.443.0047

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