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Phone number: 646-770-9250

is located in New York, New York.

in the 770 exchange.

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My Mother, who has been dead for 3 years, Mr . Tom Keane all of a sudden wants wants to talk about her estate (which she has none)

Reported 21, Feb. 2012.

They bait you with a hope of a lost asset but instead have a bill of a deceased.

Reported 23, Mar. 2012.

Called Saying that we had an opening checking account in my dead husbands name. And would not give any information.

Reported 28, Mar. 2012.

They called in regards to an unclaimed investment for my deceased mother in law. Well my husband happens to be in the financial investment securities profession. The joke is on them. My husband handled all her finances for the past 30 years. He knows what she had and what she didn't.

Reported 29, Mar. 2012.

I answered with my business name and a female responded wrong number. My caller ID said Keane. My wife did get their scam letter a few days ago. I googled the number out of curiosity and got this helpful site.

Reported 22, Aug. 2012.

A message was left on our voice mail, caller ID came up as Keane; however, female caller didn't leave her name. Called saying she had a dormant stock certificate from a company my husband closed 10 years ago. Thanks to this web site, we did not return the call.

Reported 7, Sep. 2012.

Caller ID said Keane. left message they worked for legal research and recovery company and had unclaimed stock in my late parent's trust account. left case number. seems bogus.

Reported 21, Sep. 2012.

Called about my 25+ years deceased mom. Talked with the attorney general and seems to be a scam.

Reported 2, Nov. 2012.

Received a Fed Ex mailer a week ago re: estate services. Called today re: same. Already have a probate attorney in California; why do I need one based in NY state? Telemarketer. Thank you for prior postings. Wil ignore this call.

Reported 14, Nov. 2012.

I received a call and letter from this Legal Claimant Services outfit. After doing some research on them, including lookin at this site, I found them to be very reputable. They brought an account to my attention that was in my wife's name - my wife - that I was not familiar with. They assisted with getting it back to me and I couldn't have been more satisfied. My suggestion is to at least respond to them because it could be something that you're not familiar with.

Reported 21, Dec. 2012.

Keane has been on me for s stock in my mother's name that passed 2008, they want 35% of value to turn it over to me, SCAM all correspondse have een by mail last year, this is the first I've heard from them this year, called my cell

Reported 30, Jan. 2013.

I'm glad I was busy and couldn't answer the call. The number they left for me t o call back is 888-876-7635 x 3155. It only goes to voice mail. while the information they left about a "dormant account" was probably correct (and public record), I know that companies like this fish for business, for which we pay, but could do for free on our own! Thanks for the site; it verifies my suspicions.

Reported 7, Mar. 2013.

I had a similar positive experience as a previous poster. Keane contacted my 78 y.o. Grandmother regarding residual stocks of my great-grandmother's estate (not aware of their existence, primarily due to multiple splits/other holdings complexities). As a CPA, I quickly took over all correspondence. In my personal experience, they've been courteous, professional and responsive to our many questions throughout the process. That said, I'd probably not be comfortable paying a 35% fee to them either - they are taking a 15% cut of what amounted to roughly $70k.....With a ~$60k net check (after their fee) related to money we likely never would have discovered, I'm more than happy to pay them 15% to deal with the multiple complexities - better them than me! :)

Reported 29, Apr. 2013.

One more thing worth pointing out re: my previous comment, my great-grandmother passed over 14 years ago, so I'm fairly confident we'd never have discovered and receive this cash otherwise.

Reported 29, Apr. 2013.

Called me to say my deceased father had $3200. worth of unclaimed stocks. A year after stating the family Attorney would look into this. Sounds odd.

Reported 25, Sep. 2013.

they are a legitimate claims service. they charge outrageous fees but will negotiate them down if you are hard enough. We as survivors dont always know what our loved ones had hidden or forgotten themselves. Most of it is held by the stated treasuries where they lived/died. look on the web for found money or similar.

Reported 9, Dec. 2013.

For me this company/# was legit. They tracked me down and told me of stock my father owned when he passed. They were actually hired by the company he owned stock in to track me down. They had all the info. I had to file some papers for inheritance. Their finder's fee is a little pricey at 20% but they found $5k and I received a little over $4k that could have easily never been found.

Reported 4, Apr. 2014.
John Costello

This company is legit and not a scam. I offer a competing service and generally charge a lot less. See me at www.findunclaimedaccounts.com John Costello

Reported 10, May. 2014.

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