Phone: 646-612-3456

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Around 92% of people reported it as "Scammer"
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Latest people reported the number as that of "Liar liar pants on fire, robin"
12, Sep. 2013

Calls telling that my computer is broke and needs fixing. I tell them to call someone else and hang up. Get a call from them at least two or three times a week.

12, Sep. 2013

This POS calls with an Asian accept says he's calling from The World Wide Web. ITS A SCAM

18, Sep. 2013

The person said she was from the World Wide Web server and there was a security risk on my computer and the Internet was about to go down. I didn't believe her and hung up. Googled them and found it was a scam. Then they called back and I had a bit of fun being angry, then call Attorney General for my state. They are scammers!

9, Oct. 2013

Definetely a scam. I dont even own a computer!!!!

11, Oct. 2013

This looser doesn't give up. He called me about 5 days ago also and I laughed at him so much he started cursing at me. Then after he hung up on me he called back about 3 minutes later and said "F you, F you" over and over.. (I put it nicely). So tonight he again tell's me I have a virus on my computer. I told him again that I didn't own a computer. He said he don't give up easily... oh please hurry up and die.

14, Oct. 2013

A woman with an Indian accent called me from this number October 2013, saying the World Wide Web detected problems with my computer and she wanted me to login to my computer right away. I asked her some questions and she took a long time to answer, as if she was asking someone else how she should reply to me. Her answers to my questions made no technical sense so I could tell it was a scam.

Sick of scammers
18, Nov. 2013

As soon as he said he was calling from the internet dept if the World Wide Web I knew he was a scammer. I didn't hesitate to attack him and say "you are so full of s**t" and then I proceeded to repeat myself over and over until he said "thank you". I then said "get a life". Then I used the handy feature on my home phone to block all calls from that number (646) 612-3456 NY, USA.

26, Nov. 2013

Indian accent - told my computer would run slower and slower then crush - I said, crush, so what does that mean? explode? disintergrate? She continued with great urgency for me to login to my computer like I was in terrible danger. She finally hung up on me.

14, Oct. 2014

ask me how I was and I said I don't know what do you want? the call said f@#k you and hung up, tried to call the number back and couldn't get through

28, Oct. 2014

28, Mar. 2015

fed up that a inept government can't find/prosecute a phonescam operation that's been using the same "fake" number for years, unless the campaign contributions are that good?

7, Apr. 2015

same to me Indian guy I said after the letter R I see f*****k Y O U spelling JAAJAJAJAJAJAJAJ he said what ?? yes f**k you and your cows ajajajaj

28, Apr. 2015

What A crock! Pushiest, most overbearing dirtbag whoever tried to scam me! I was not fooled for one second, but as he rattled on in his Indian-sounding accent, his dire warnings became more ridiculous: "Your computer has been hacked by the worst of the worst scammers known to man!!" It was hard for me to get a word in, but I finally did. My Q? to him was, "How would I know that YOU are not a scammer?" That's when I hung up on the jerk. I couldn't waste one more second of my time. And yes, the phone number displayed was "New York 646-612-3456." I blocked it.

24, May. 2015

Got a call from this guy. Wanted me to log onto my windows computer because it was downloading critical information. I asked him which computer, he said the windows one. I asked him which IP address he was referring to and he hung up.

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