Phone: 646-502-6605

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New York, New York
Its exchange 502 is managed by PAETEC COMMUNICATIONS, INC. -
The number is currently on switch number NYCMNYBXDSK (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 17% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 17 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Officer Ray, telemarketer"
10, Aug. 2012

This number called me. Caller ID readsy NEW YORK, NY I wanted so bad to answer singing that song but didn't. I always let my voicemail get it because no one leaves a message if it isn't important. There are a lot of unsolicted phone calls occurring everywhere where the caller asks for bank account and other personal info. I didn't answer this call, figured if important they would leave message, which they didn't. I was curious so called it back and interestingly enough, a male answered talking in an accent I couln't comprehend enough to confirm the company he represented. Don't get scammed folks. Quit answering your phone for callers you don't know. BUT...just in case it REALLY IS a family member stuck in jail in Texas, be sure to have voicemail. It will save you from being a victim.

13, Aug. 2012

2nd call in 1 week. I don't answer since caller id says UNKNOWN CALLER.

13, Aug. 2012

A man asked for me by name and asked about the call I had made about my computer. His accent was thick and had to ask who was and with that he hung up

14, Aug. 2012

claimed to be from group calling all windows users re a virus not detected by antivirus software. not the first call from this number, others had no voicemail message. i hung up.

18, Aug. 2012

Same comment. Man with heavy middle eastern accent, stating there was a virus embedded in windows product and wanted to go step by step with me to remove virus. I asked him to call back. I wanted to check on his story. I have not been able to such virus reported anywhere within mircosoft's website

20, Aug. 2012

phone rings... I answer, I hear music, then a click the disconnected. WTF? When I call it back, it says all circuits are busy try later. pfft

23, Aug. 2012

Tries to gain access to your computer claiming a virus in windows. wants you to go to your computer so he can access it. Caller has partial name information (not accurate). Caller has very bad India/Far east type accent and is rude as F@#$... Nothing he said could be verified and I have found multiple reports all saying the same thing. Report any contact from this caller

28, Aug. 2012

India call repair services....bogus

31, Aug. 2012

I received 3 calls this morning and I told them I would report them. the caller stated he was from internet explorer and had several questions for me. I hung up each time. I live in a small Georgia town.

31, Aug. 2012

When it rings, I answer and there is nobody there. This happens a couple of times a day, at least. Any time of day, but not too early nor too late.

11, Sep. 2012

Have received over 5 calls from this number, each time they state my computer software subscription has expired and I need to renew. Each time I have to hang up on them.

14, Sep. 2012

Wanted to sell "PC Cure" to help a slow computer. Hung up when I said I was an expert in computers.

14, Sep. 2012

keeps calling and hanging up

15, Sep. 2012

This is the second time a guy with an accent has called, and he told me to sit near a computer and type ctrl+windows+r and he kept asking me if i saw anything, and i started suspecting some rage rising in his voice, and i got mad and hung up.

18, Sep. 2012

I receieve the same kind of calls. When I tell them my son is a computer tech and takes care of my computer, they hang up. It is an accent voice and they do not want to listen to you to have your name removed from their list. They also know my name.

29, Apr. 2015

Says if I don't contact they are sending a lawsuit against me to the county courts.

4, May. 2015

I've gotten several recorded messages to call this number back, claiming they are from the IRS and will file a lawsuit against me in county court if I don't call back. Called back for kicks and giggles, knowing this is a scam (I'm an attorney AND worked for the IRS prior to becoming an attorney). Guy with Indian accent answers, asks my name and then crossed the line with another lady in the area calling back in response to the same message. She and I have a conversation and hang up on him.

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