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2, Mar. 2018

This number is linked to a Craigslist scammer posting fake ads to scam anyone that responds!

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10, Nov. 2017

Can you please get them to stop calling.

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6, Oct. 2017

Scam India or African accent offering 9000 personal grant money from the US treasury

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31, May. 2017

I asked the man to remove my phone number from their marketing list

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19, May. 2017

This is a Carpet cleaning company just putting it on my Do Not Call list.

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17, Apr. 2017

I have no interest in doing business with any company that has to call me etc.

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24, Mar. 2017

This auto call is almost daily.

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21, Feb. 2017

They called back 2 min later and I said that I was reporting them to the do not call registry and they hung up

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2, Feb. 2017

1st one - October 30 at 9:35 a.m. 2nd 10:35 a.m. Concerned lowering interest rate on a loan which we do not have.

Sherri Cox
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2, Nov. 2016

Did he know your name? I was called by this man, and I don't know how he knew my first name. To be honest, I am really scared of him, and I just hung up on him and blocked the number. I hope he do not know everything about me.

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10, Jul. 2016

This is a blatant invasion of my privacy and I want it to stop immediately.

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7, Jul. 2016

I have lodged several complaints.

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2, Jul. 2016

recording, no option to stop call.

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11, May. 2016

That they are getting signals from your user id.

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3, Apr. 2016

One time we heard someone and asked them to remove our number from their call list.

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6, Mar. 2016

This company has called many, many times.

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27, Jan. 2016

Robo call couldn't ask it not to call again. Thought robo calls we're suppose to stop!

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7, Jan. 2016

I think this company called more than once, and I reported a complaint on the "Do Not Call" web site.

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18, Dec. 2015

I have solar and please take me off your list.

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7, Oct. 2015

I received a text message from this number stating we had met on dating sight and I had given my number to them. They had taken their dating profile down but still had my number. Texter stated his name was Daniel. (I did not have a profile or using the dating sight mentioned "" ) When I didnt want to comply with texting, "Daniel" asked for my email.

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30, Jun. 2015

Since then, they have been calling, usually once or twice a month.

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22, May. 2015

they have called from numbers all starting with 702-637-XXXX

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16, Mar. 2015

When I answered, a recording said that I was chosen for a cruse.

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1, Nov. 2014

the recording wanted to reduce my credit card percentage

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31, Jul. 2014

This number claims they are "Kevin Liles " Trey Songz Manager . He basically ask you too send money 400 via western union or money gram that pays for your hair and make up to be in a music video or go on tour with Trey Songz or Young Jeezy!

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23, Jun. 2014

I received a text message from this number asking was I still interested in working and that there was a position available as a craigslist poster to post things on craigslist. The person ask for my yahoo messenger ID in order to get paid weekly $500. When i stop responding someone from the number called me but could not understand the person was a lot of distortion then hung up. I tested the number back asking how he got my number. He replied that I once applied for a receptionist position through them on craigslist. Which i had applied to several on craigslist but it didnt seem legit to me so I stop responding. Whoever gets a call from this number be very cautious and do not give any private info.

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19, May. 2014

Yes this people is scammer. Posted a house for rent that\'s not even theirs, went to the actual place & somebody live there. SCAMMER BE CAREFUL!

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23, Apr. 2014

These auto calls!

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16, Apr. 2014

Why are these companies allowed to use my cell phone minutes when I am on a DO NOT CALL list? Please stop them!

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23, Mar. 2014

This same number called again...the same day just an hour later.

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29, Jan. 2014

Same number and name ( rogan). (646) 470-2031 he responds to a Craig's list ad. Tells me I'm "paid" already on PayPal but just need to send the package and provide tracking number to "release" the funds. Got profane when I told him I wAs waiting to see the funds in PayPal. Beware!!

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13, Jan. 2014

This was a recorded message. My caller ID said it was a "wireless" phone.

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22, Oct. 2013

This number sent me a text and called me sayin I was a supposed to be compensated for something and they wanted me to email them with some ref number they gave me and my name. I don't kno what's goin on but.

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13, Oct. 2013

Two calls on the same day, from the same number. Both were recorded messages.

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21, Sep. 2013

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15, Sep. 2013

This was another recorded message asking me to enter my phone number. The call was received early this morning.

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29, Aug. 2013

Tried to call back to tell them to stop calling, but received an answering machine that said the number was unavailable. They called twice within and hour today.

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11, Jul. 2013

A good and trust worthy Rev who owns a house in United State. God Bless you Reverend

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7, Jul. 2013

They are now calling me three times a day, and when I stay on the line to wait till a live person picks up, to tell them to stop, they hang up on me when I start talking. I consider their calls harassment at this point.

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16, Jun. 2013

This was a company calling me several times a day. I have received similar calls many times but I don't know if it was the same company. Is there any way to stop these calls? This company does not give you an option to opt out of their calls as some of them do.

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30, May. 2013

This was a text message that costs me money every time I receive it.

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23, Apr. 2013

this guy tried to scam me using Pay Pal wanted me to transfer money by Western Union beware of this number.I turned him into PayPal and the police .

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19, Apr. 2013

They call several times a day. Let answering system answer and they do not talk. I answered once and told them I am on the DO NOT CALL List and to remove me from their list. Is there really a DO NOT CALL LIST?? If so why don't you stop these calls????????????

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19, Apr. 2013

When I tried to call back, I got a voice mail that this number was not allocated.

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16, Apr. 2013

We put ourselves on the do not call list years ago, but, still find we get automated calls. When I wait for a live person, they will not give me the name of the company, and hang up. I shouldn't have to press a # key to get them to put me on their do not call list. I should not have gotten the call at all.

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11, Apr. 2013

They call daily, miltiple times a day.

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1, Apr. 2013

Tried to scam us on a car we have for sale, It is being reported to local authorities.

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27, Mar. 2013

Wireless calls that start with recorded messages. When requesting to have them not call, you're called a dirty name!!!!!!

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25, Mar. 2013

Nigerian CL scam artist

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23, Mar. 2013

This is a scam!!! They took $170 from me and that was the last money in my bank account.

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21, Mar. 2013

These text messages cost me money as I do not have text plan. I want reimbursement and shut them down. Thank you.

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11, Feb. 2013

100% scam