Area Code 636

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Area code: 636
State: Missouri
Country: USA
14, Aug. 2017


11, Aug. 2017

Never leaves a message. I don't answer calls from numbers I don't know

1, Aug. 2017

This is a Walmart Customer Service number from Missouri. It is connected with a McLeod Number here in Cedar Rapids. They called several times all at one time, Enough to fill the mail box. Please check this out...

19, Jul. 2017

IDK if they're really telemarketers or plain ol' scammers. IDK why roofers from near St Louis MO would run up to the WI after every rainstorm! 2 or 3 calls per day for about a week after every rainstorm. State they'll be in the area tomorrow and insist that I make an appointment to have my roof checked. Jerk today told me I was lucky to only be called 2x as they call some people 16 times per day. From background noise, it's obviously a busy call center

26, Jun. 2017

Called the number on the letter regarding the coverage ending. I recently purchased a used car which had a small remaining warranty left on it, so I didn't think much about receiving the letter at first. The guy on the phone informed me how great the warranty was and how much it could save me. All he needed was the deposit to get started. He indicated that most people charge the deposit to their credit card. What warranty requires a deposit? I informed him that I didn't have the money and they should send me a bill statement. After this, the guy got defensive and started insulting me. I have been receiving phone calls since. None of them were answered but a voice mail was left. One goes on to say something about the employee would really like to help you out and is willing to give you his personal employee discount saving me $500. Yeah, thanks but no thanks. How do I report things like this? You know good and well someone will fall for this scam.

21, Jun. 2017

Called, left no message.

17, Jun. 2017

Some sort of music trivia contest...bogus.

8, Jun. 2017

I never pick up when I see a number I don't know. Heck I rarely answer when it's someone I do know! I searched for this number online and I'm pretty sure that it's a collection agency called Financial Asset Management Systems. Someone else getting these calls apart from me?

8, Jun. 2017

Got a call from this strange number . I looked up the number and it looks like its the collectors called Van Ru Credit Corporation. No clue why they're calling. Can someone tell me if its them?

8, Jun. 2017

I think it's CS Solutions calling. I didn't bother picking up, think it's a collection agency. If I don't recognize the number I don't answer.

8, Jun. 2017

I don't answer when I see a phone number I don't recognize. Heck I barely answer when it's a friend calling! I googled up the number and I'm pretty certain it's bill collectors called Account Resolutions Services. Are they calling anyone else?

8, Jun. 2017

I think it's CBE Group calling. I didn't bother picking up, think it's the collectors. If I don't recognize the phone number I don't pick up.

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