Area Code 636

Additional information:

Area code: 636
State: Missouri
Country: USA
23, Mar. 2017

actually got two calls

21, Mar. 2017

Recording gives you no choice but to order the product by pressing a button.

20, Mar. 2017

Shows up as Hinton, WV on caller ID

13, Mar. 2017

I have received 2 calls from this number. Both times all I heard was an animated female voice say "Goodby". I have now blocked this number.

2, Mar. 2017

A man called, asked to tell me about the Caribbean cruise I had just won. I said, "This number is on the do-not-call list. You are not supposed to call this number." He said, "I understand. But let me tell you about this great cruise you have won!" At that point, I hung up. What a jerk.

2, Mar. 2017

and she became indignant with me.

2, Mar. 2017

Roofing contractor helped my grandmom get a zero out of pocket roof.

28, Feb. 2017

Calls from this number with noo message left.

27, Feb. 2017

Lately when I talk to a representative and asked to have my name removed, they don't even say it will take several weeks, they just hang up.

23, Feb. 2017

Tried forwarding it to voicemail, and they do not leave a message.

23, Feb. 2017

The god damn moron has been told several times to stop calling my number looking for b(6) but keeps calling.

22, Feb. 2017

claimed number was given to them by another individual (friend).

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