Phone: 631-574-1794

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Riverhead, New York
Its exchange 574 is managed by PAETEC COMMUNICATIONS, INC. -
The number is currently on switch number NYCMNY83DSE (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 35% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 17 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "David Miller , 631-574-1794"
10, Jul. 2013

keeps ringing and hanging up, very annoying

24, Jul. 2013

Calls twice a day for a month or so, getting annoying

31, Jul. 2013

Got a call from this number yesterday - MY Caller Id shows that call is from \\\"Global Touch\\\" Financial Group\\\" and that my extended warranty on my car was about to expire. Told me they are the ones that wrote my original warranty, so I thought it was a legit call. After I got off the phone with him I discovered that they did NOT write my original policy. So they misrepresented themselves which I consider fraud. Not only that, but I am on the do-not-call list so the phone call to me was illegal. He really put a lot of pressure on me and I dumbly fell for this... He kept assuring me that I had 30 days to cancel. He gave me a number to call if I had further questions or if I wanted to cancel - the number he gave me was 888-926-7277 and that number is for Precise Auto Protection. I called the number several times and is busy, These are scammers! The reason they promise you a free 30 day look is that they won\\\'t take your calls so you can cancel. Don\\\'t do business with them.

31, Jul. 2013

I received a call from this number, it came up as Global Touch. Getting information out of the woman was like pulling teeth. She asked for my husband and when I asked her what it was about she mentioned the year and model of a car we owned. I told her I was on the DNC list and she played dumb. She was repeating everything I said. I told her I no longer owned the vehicle and she hung up on me. What is the purpose of the DNC list if they idiots continue to call? I work from home and hate being interrupted by these scammers.

31, Jul. 2013

I tried calling the number and got a recording saying the number was no longer in service. Hmmmph. Definitely a scam!

18, Nov. 2013

got a call a moment ago asking for my husband and wanted to insure i was his wife. When she realized she wasn\'t going to get anywhere with me she hung up.

8, Jan. 2014

same person calls my house hone twice a day almost and no one answers and when i call back it says i should call them back during the week and time of 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM

13, Jan. 2014

Got a call on my cell phone from a guy who said his name, but I forgot, he didn't say where or why he was calling but started out questioning the year/make/model of my car. I wouldn't answer him until he told me what company he was calling from, and then he hung up. Sounds like a scam to me!

13, Jan. 2014


14, Jan. 2014

I've received several calls from this number and never once is anyone on the line. When I call back, as many of you, I am told to call back during nornal business hours, which I have many times and continue to get the same message.

14, Jan. 2014

When you call this number back it say's that they are currently closed and to call back between 8am and 4pm Pacific Time. This is a 631 number located in Riverhead New York, so how can it be Pacific time!!! This number is a scam, DO NOT give them any personal information!

27, Jan. 2014

calls me 2x/day just about daily almost at the same time every day to. I dont asnwer numbers i dont know (espec if within my own area code) & they never leave a message. I answer without saying anything to hear the voice and see if i recognize it, but immediately upon answerring-they hang up. Not comfortable with it. Added myself to the DNC list and reported the number as well. When i reversae search it comes up as "windstream communications" in Riverhead as a landline. NO idea what they could be. and i am sure if they have anything to do with your cars warranaty they will leave a voicemail. Must be a scam. If they call again will advise im on DNC and will file a complaint if they ever call again. VERY annoying.

31, Jan. 2014

When you have a device like a magic jack, and you rig it up the way you want, you can pick any phone number you want to show up on someone else's caller ID. So if the company is located in pacific time in this country, they can very well have a riverhead phone number exchange if they want to. doesn't mean they are physically in riverhead ny. its a scam. the same people make the same service of calls saying they are LIPA shut off service and will shut off their power if $500++ isn't paid immediately over the phone with a credit card. same people. block the number if you must through your provider or hang up, please make police report because this is getting crazy.

10, Feb. 2014


13, Feb. 2014

Just received a call from this number saying that it was "David Miller" from "The Vehicle Processing Center" to check up on my extended warranty. He asked what my mileage was and I told him that I couldn't check because my car was buried under the snow (also because I wanted to see if he was a legit person) and he said "i'm sorry to hear that" and hung up immediately. I tried to call back and the number had an automated message that claimed that they were closed and to call back between business hours- Pacific time!? This is a suffolk county area code! And someone literally just called me from this number so that's complete bull s**t.

18, Feb. 2014

I get calls every single day, sometimes twice a day from them. I do not answer and they never leave a message. So annoying. I have reported it, and will continue to do so. Everyone has to report this number, it's the only way it will stop.

19, Feb. 2014

Called up offering an extended warranty for my Hyundai Elantra despite the fact that I had already signed up for the ten year when I bought the car three years ago. I asked them if they were with Hyundai and they said they were in fact Hyundai and Kia. Looking up the number and finding this page I see that this isn't the case since they call for other things. I didn't fall for their c**p. Told them I would call Hyundai later because I was at work and didn't have time for this. The woman on the phone promptly hung up on me. The whole thing seemed shady from the start. I have reason to believe they are pure scammers. Judging by the other comments here as well. My advice to anyone who receives phone calls like this, always double check these type of things directly with your local dealers and not people on the phone who CLAIM to be with the car company of your vehicle.

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