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8, Feb. 2018

I just save them to my caller ID and mark them as spammer JON I'm old too, so stop your whining. Get a family member or a neighbor to fill out the online do-not-call list form and file a complaint with the FCC. They are the only people who can help you. Nobody here can. Man up and stop your whining - be proactive and Report these jerks. That's what everybody should be doing every time. Oh and if you really want to get on the government's back tell them to By God block the whole Scamming country they're calling from. That's what my bank does.

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29, Nov. 2017

They have called me on this cell phone at least 20 times over the last year.

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20, Nov. 2014

Caller asked for my son by name. Said they had coins they thought he might be interest. Told them I was unaware of his being interested in coins. I was a coin collector. Told me that i can get rare 1800 morgan dollars for $49.00 each. Tried very hard to get me to commit to buying andket encouraging me to supply my credit card number. Told the guy I never make snap decisions. He said he would call back next Saturday. Bebop - caller called 11/19/14

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9, Jun. 2014

This called us at 4:45am. I picked it up thinking it was bogus and ready to chew out who was on the other end. No answer when I picked up. Aaargh.

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15, Apr. 2014

These robo calls are now rampant. I'm certain you receive countless complaints about this as well other such callers. It's a DAILY annoyance by these people. I have caller ID and simply do not answer. But if not home, the answering machine fills up with the loud "if you'd like to make a call/ then clanging' as they do not disconnect on their own. PLEASE HELP.