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2, Nov. 2015 Reply

I have been on the do not call list for months now and these people still keep calling!

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26, Sep. 2015 Reply

This is an automated call that we get over and over.

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24, Sep. 2014 Reply

Why have a do not call list if everyone still calls with no penalty???

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19, Aug. 2014 Reply

Robocall that I hung up on.

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8, Jul. 2014 Reply

When I try calling the number back I get a loud burp at the beginning and then the message that this number is unavailable to receive calls.

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31, May. 2013 Reply

This is the 5th time they have called on the last ten days and I have asked to not to call.

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30, Jul. 2012 Reply

They call every day. I have told them to put me on their do not call list, told them to stop calling me...politely and not so politely.

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26, Jul. 2012 Reply

They call every day.

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25, Feb. 2012 Reply

no msg