Area Code 630

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Area code: 630
State: Illinois
Country: USA
21, Sep. 2017

I told them before to stop but they continue to call all day long.

21, Sep. 2017

Has called several times and hangs up. Doesn't leave a message.

ruslan, avenger Angel from heavens gates!!!
17, Sep. 2017

Anyone want help with these so called "assassins" of boothworld I'm the man for the job and truth be told I have known long before now the whole world is" demon" infested surprising how long it took me to find. The real source, anyway without. Going to much into detail, I have stolen power of Satan himself to do this of my own free will; all I need from any of you, (if you can all stop acting like crying infants) is a full suit of military Kevlar/ dragonskin would be much more useful and maybe an assault rifle and enough bullets, and I'll take them all down SOLO if I have to and once the main source is gone, maybe the world will become peaceful once again, and truthfully their only power is because. The whole world just agrees with their SHIT!!!!!!! and that's just the ones that are not even members and they just hand you straight over to them when you ask for help because they don't have a clue and any of you who are members knock off this SHIT half of you realize (or think) there's nothing you can do but hide until they kill you, and the others that try to pull other victim into it is worse, what!!? Any of you actually thought they would let you live even if you tricked 1000+ other people into it, (ITS OBVIOUS THEY WOULD JUST KILL ANY OF YOU AND HAVE ALL THOSE VICTIMS TO DO THE SAME THING TO!!!!!!!!!!!) P.s. I already have most my armor built and ready for light-combat, now who wants to supply me with Kevlar,(like I said preferably dragonskin and either one full-body) and an assault rifle, (ak47,m-16,Tommy gun, or any other you think would be best as of weapons support, and enough bullets.and ammo and I'll take them all down full-force SOLO!!! If I have to so help me all the gods of the kingdom of the heavens above are already helping me with this and I would have it done except I cannot afford or even have the credit to get the Kevlar/ gun/ bullets,(maybe even a few frag-grenades might come in handy) but once I have that then I will finish it for the world and you will all be saved, "i called them intentionally not caring about the warnings, just to draw them close to ME!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!(MESSAGE TO BOOTHWORLD ) "COME NEAR ME YOU FULLDEMON PRICKS AND YOU WILL ALL SEE WHY I CAME TO EARTH IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! TO FIND YOUR MAIN SOURCE. WIPE YOU OUT OF EXISTIST ONCE AND FOR ALL AND ONCE YOUR GONE THE WORLD WILL BE PEACEFUL! FIRST THERE WAS JEHOVAH! THEN LUCIFER NOW ME!!!!!! FIGURE OUT WHO I AM IF YOU THINK YOU CAN OR ELSE YOUR LAST WARNING, LEAVE THE WORLD /EARTH /UNIVERSE WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU WANNA CALL IT I DON'T GIVE A SHIT, "RUN BEFORE I DECIDE TO FIND YOU!!!!!!" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

15, Sep. 2017

They sometimes report to be from WellsFargo & want account info or from auto dealerships or other banks.

15, Sep. 2017

They won't stop calling 3-4 times per day. Harassment.

13, Sep. 2017

fuck you

13, Sep. 2017

said they worked for Ameren and would give me a discount. when I asked them to give me the last number on my Ameren account, they hung up. a non-native speaker was the caller..

11, Sep. 2017

same as all the other people.

7, Sep. 2017

Someone called wanting to know if I had a Medicare card. He asked me if I had a red, white and blue card. Sounds like a scam.

7, Sep. 2017

The call went to answering machine, leaving a robo message.

6, Sep. 2017

recorded message stating since a health care professional referred me, i was able to get.and I hung up.

6, Sep. 2017

He talks about the alert system that we have (supposedly) ordered.

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