Area Code 626

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Area code: 626
State: California
Country: USA
Tampa Bay resident
16, Aug. 2017

Caller ID showed 626-790-0004. Message left on answering machine was: "Hi, it's Mary Ann Patterson. I'm following up on the notice regarding your tax credit incentive towards your Tampa Electric bill. Ah, if you could return my call at 813-296-8210 with your reference number of 01014 to discuss these credits. Thank you"

15, Aug. 2017

Left message that my SSL certificate was due to expire in the morning. SPAM call

11, Aug. 2017

CRIMINALS. Yes, the same criminal gang. Just a new phone number. This criminal organization is fully supported by our greedy politicians, who share in the profits of crime. Nothing will ever be done in California to stop these criminal gangs from calling us. These criminals exist due to the support of our corrupt politicians and money hungry phone companies, both of which receive significant profits from the abuse by these criminal enterprises. It would be ever so simple for the phone company to identify all unused phone numbers by marking them as "invalid number" as part of the "caller i.d." program and/or the phone companies setting up their own reporting email systems (just like this one). But, the phone companies elect not to identify invalid numbers since they earn substantial income from these criminals calling us every day. We get to pay for these callers too, as we are usually billed for calls from these unwanted spam callers Such is our life in California. Criminals, politicians and the phone companies all share in the common interest of easy money.

8, Aug. 2017

I answered the phone and he said I am mike and I want to check you roof I asked why and he said I am the person with white truck to check your roof ? I have no idea what and who he was

5, Aug. 2017

Before I could finish telling "Joe" to take me off his F---ing call list, they hung up.

1, Aug. 2017

Sends creepy messages. Watch out.

29, Jul. 2017

this number is a spammer

27, Jul. 2017

Ive been getting calls from this number, so I decided to call it back. This is not the first time that I tried to call the number back, but it was the first time that someone actually answered. I went through the whole process of pressing numbers in order to get a representative. This number presented itself as an agency for student loan debt consolidation. Finally I had reached an actual representative. I got a man named Jose and I was on the phone for about 1 minute before we got "disconnected." The funny thing is that right before we got "disconnected" he read back my phone number and asked me if this was a good number to reach before we got diconnected. Coincidence? I don't think so. I believe that this is a scan, but I have no way of telling because it was a very proper process and it in the background it sounded like he was calling from a call center.

24, Jul. 2017

Same text!!

20, Jul. 2017

This caller called me and when I refused to identify myself and I asked him the reason for his call, he said "go F yourself " angrily. Be aware!

BEWARE Of This SCAM Caller !!
18, Jul. 2017

BEWARE Of This SCAM Caller !!

11, Jul. 2017

nobody said anything when i answered then hung up

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