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Phone number: 626-817-7020

is located in Pasadena, California.

Its exchange 817 is managed by PACIFIC BELL - CA.

The number is currently on switch number PSDNCA11DS1 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists) .

Around 35% of people reported it as "Scammer"

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Latest people reported the number as that of "not given, Card Services (BofA)"

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anonymous II

I received a call from this number and am told that she called from Bank of America. I am worried it could be a fraud.

Reported 16, May. 2013.
Anonymous III

Caller said he was calling from Bank of America about a check that had been deposited to my account in my name. I don't have a bank of america account. Seems suspicious. Call back number was 626-817-7092

Reported 18, Jun. 2013.

We received a call from this number today, claiming to be from Bank of America account fraud. When we called back they asked for either our account number or social security number. We hung up, called BoA directly and they had no record of potential fraudulant activity. Scam for sure.

Reported 8, Jul. 2013.

I got a call, and the person left a message for me to call them back, and they were bank of america. I find it wierd that bank of america would be calling from a california number, and not an toll free number. Also, I live in Pennslyvania.

Reported 10, Sep. 2013.

She called and left message that she had info on a recent deposit that I DID make. I called the return number but got her voicemail and she never called back.

Reported 6, Nov. 2013.

called and said they were BOA fraud department - asked how many accounts i had with them and who else was on the account. then asked about a check i DID write & was endorsed by my wife so handwritng did not match. seemed legit, did not ask for any personal info.

Reported 2, Dec. 2013.
A. Langello

Stolen check being cashed for 600.00 instead of 100.00. Caller said check came thru as deposit and they indentified themselves as Bank America. Let them know, there was a stop payment and reported as stolen. Called Bank America, they didn't want to hear it.!!!!!!

Reported 1, Jan. 2014.
WA resident

Caller left a voicemail for me, said it was regarding a check deposited said she was from bank of America. I called my bank who said they had no record of that check and that it seemed suspicious. Definitely a FRAUD!

Reported 15, Jan. 2014.

called very early in morning. Alaska time. No msg. and now I am sooo glad. BTW Hate BoA, too.

Reported 30, Jan. 2014.

This is not Bank of America this is a scammer fishing for your private information. I spoke with BOA and they are launching an investigation. Email the FBI at www.fbi.gov and notify them of the scammer. If cuaght you can get a reward.

Reported 4, Feb. 2014.

I too received a call from this number. The caller left a voicemail identifying themselves as Bank of America, and asked me to call them back, they also provided a reference number. Instead, I called the number on the back of my credit/debit card and ask them to verify that the Pasadena phone number was a legitimate Bank of America number. They checked their directory and confirmed that it a call center for the Bank of America, fraud department.

Reported 7, Feb. 2014.

Got a call saying they had a couple of checks to be deposited - he left a msg as being Manuel..when I tried to call back, the one number said it was having tech difficulty, the other kept being busy at all times..for sure, this is a scammer.

Reported 12, Feb. 2014.

Received called from this number with "Bank of America" listed on caller ID. Needed to speak with another member of the household who was not home. Thankfully I didn't give them any info. Family member called BOA directly to follow-up and was told there were no issues with the account and call was probably a scam. Called fraud dept to report, and they said the number was definitely not a BOA number. Definite fraud/scam!

Reported 17, Mar. 2014.

Received a call from there as well. I'm curious how they got my name and number. I called back just to see what would happen and wasn't able to get in touch with anyone (got a message saying "please try again later" which BoA would never do). Either way, don't be fooled by them. They're scammers.

Reported 25, Mar. 2014.

This is a LEGIT number from "Bank of America". I I got a call from them today after an a**hole cashed in a fraudulent access cheque. A dispute was filed, the card was cancelled. I did call BofA back and was able to verify that the card had been cancelled and that there was indeed a pending dispute. The call back number is : (800) 817-6307

Reported 22, May. 2014.

This is not BOA. It is FRAUD. Do not give out any info.

Reported 4, Feb. 2015.

I got this call from this number (626-817-7020) with a BOA caller ID. She asked for my verbal password which I gave her. She mentioned that a Check I deposited was fraudulent. I would like it returned. I now fear fraudulent access to my account with reference to this scenario. I tried calling back several times and got a "not able to answer at this time". I am concerned!

Reported 19, Feb. 2015.

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