Area Code 623

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Area code: 623
State: Arizona
Country: USA
22, Oct. 2016

I have two by two phones.

20, Oct. 2016

The message provided a website which is hosted by

20, Oct. 2016

Only difference is, when I call back, I get a recording of the same person telling me to listen to a short recording.

19, Oct. 2016

Caller hung up after answering machine finished.

ETD, Inc.
18, Oct. 2016

Has been calling multiple times per day for the last three days. Leaves no messages and when you answer the phone, no one is on the line. I called back and it was asking for an old employee and identifying our phone number as a Verizon Wireless number (it is a landline with CenturyLink). Pressed * and it tried to connect me with a representative, but no one was able to take my call. The automated message suggested I call them back at a later time.

18, Oct. 2016

Refused to stop calling.

14, Oct. 2016

According to online reports, calling back reveals that it is a typical scam/spam/telemarketing number.

14, Oct. 2016

Most of the time, I don't answer when they call. They call me everyday and I don't know how to be removed from their calling list.

13, Oct. 2016

They call on different numbers asking if I want to lower my credit card rate.

11, Oct. 2016

My voice mail answered, no message left, Caller ID says ""Assist" in the name field.

Utah girl
10, Oct. 2016

Another of those weird calls

8, Oct. 2016

Calls received generally between 8-9 a.m. or 8-9p.m. EST.

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