Area Code 623

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Area code: 623
State: Arizona
Country: USA
15, Aug. 2017

asking for my wife who died five years ago?

5, Aug. 2017


1, Aug. 2017

left no voicemail i called back it was an automated system for Solar America

24, Jul. 2017

Trying to offer lower interest rate on credit card. Total scam. Don't give anyone your credit card info.

19, Jul. 2017

These calls are coming in like 10 a day and something has to be done about them. The police department does not seem to be able to help and the phone company cannot do anything either....Are we all supposed to not have a private phone for our personal use and just let these bastards get by with calling everyone all the time.? Do not call does not keep them from calling either... They just change one digit and call right back... This is America and this kind of stuff should be tracked down, have the guilty arrested and put in jail for years...Even the sick and older are receiving these stupid calls several times a day. This is illegal and the bastards are getting away with it...........

8, Jul. 2017

these people are rude and call sometimes two to three times a day.

8, Jul. 2017

Same prerecorded message that I keep receiving from multiple phone numbers.

7, Jul. 2017

They've called 3 times today and I called back no answer . So I texted and Mom answer saying this is stacies Mom who's this . ? Who's this ? ! But they don't answer phone just text . I believe there just crank callers they just called again

7, Jul. 2017

They called 3 times and At one point they texted saying this is Stacies Mom and kept asking who's this several times ,

Reporting Faker
6, Jul. 2017

This jerk is a phone ID terrorist. Abuses live numbers. Report to (link to Do Not Call Registry)

3, Jul. 2017

This happens to me too. I really want this number blocked.

28, Jun. 2017

They called and didi not want to say how they are or what company

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