Phone: 623-209-8628

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Phoenix, Arizona
Its exchange 209 is managed by T-MOBILE USA, INC.
The number is currently on switch number TEMPAZNR1MD (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 48% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 43 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "N/A, with Navis they said"
28, Mar. 2012

My phone rings with this number shown on my call display, but no one answers at the other end.

28, Mar. 2012

They just keep calling, when you answer the call, there is no response, I don't even now if the line is connected, no background noise. I don't like to hold the line for more than 5 sec.

3, Apr. 2012

They called, there was dead silence for approx 5 - 7 seconds, then a man's voice is heard but I can't make out what they are saying as music is blaring in the back. When I said to them that I can't understand what they are saying, he sighed and hung up.

12, Apr. 2012

I have been getting about two or three calls a day. At first they do not answer and then they are offering you a job and when you say not interested they just laught at you and continue to talk right over you. The only way you can shut them up is to hang up. I do not want them calling me anymore. I live in PEI, Canada and I am totally fed up.

19, Apr. 2012

I get this call but there's no one to be heard from the other end. Just silence. Is it a scammer? Do not know why this number would be calling Canada.

8, May. 2012

I just get dead silence - I think it is a scam to find out more information about people - we should just not answer the phone

8, May. 2012

this number calls me everyday. I don't answer it.

14, Jun. 2012

This number calls me daily, Several times a day, never any one there. Just silence.

16, Jun. 2012

I make it a point to never answer a call from any long distance number I do not recognize. I refuse to pay any long distance charges for answering unknown numbers on my cell phone. All of you would be smart to do the same. If you do not know whose number it is, and the call display does not show any name, then ignore it and do not answer!!!!!!!!!!

19, Jun. 2012

This number calls my phone daily. If I answer, there is no response on the other end...dead air. It is extremely annoying. I live in Canada and have no reason for this number to be calling me.

29, Jun. 2012

Start calling them back & leave messages to fill their box. I'm getting tired of the calls and no one on the phone. Suppose it's better than an obnoxious person.

12, Jul. 2012

I've gotten a few calls from this number, when I answered one it was a woman looking for someone named Prissa. When I said I didn't know anyone ned Prissa she said okay and hung up, but they still continue calling. No idea why they spend so much money calling Canada.

24, Jul. 2012

This number has called me several times every day.. It's either no one answers or a guy asking me if I wam interested in earning extra money..Is there a way to block this number?

3, Aug. 2012

received several phone calls almost every day

20, Aug. 2012

We have received several calls from this number. When we pick it up and say hello, we have to say it too several times. Then the line goes dead. Can a person get your personal information through a open phone line???????

25, Aug. 2012

Its a company called the Navis Group. Its a scam. I reported them to the FBI cause they are harassing me too. Hopefully the calls will stop soon

12, Sep. 2012

calls my cell back-back numerous times every day; I am on a prepaid cell and refuse to answer; however, my husband was home today and it frustrated him so he finally answered.... you guessed it: dead silence!! p.s. I live in Ontario Canada

26, Sep. 2012

This number keeps calling me and I also get nobody on the other end. Just a few beeps and then they hang up. Calgary AB

26, Oct. 2012

I get this person calling me all the time. In 1 day he called 6 times. I didn't answer because he is in Arizona and I'm in Canada ( long distance). It sucks that apple doesn't have a block number button.

26, Oct. 2012

This number called me. i said hello a couple of times, but all I heard on the other end was someone breathing. They hung up when I told them that I could hear them breathing. I'm guessing some sick pervert on the other end.

29, Oct. 2012

I am tired of getting these calls on my cell do I block them...I dont answer them. but it is so annoying several times a day and not just this number....It is a pain in the butt

6, Nov. 2012

most likely a scam...I live in Ottawa Ontario and there is no reason for me to receive calls from the US. I just don't answer. Got this call 3 times in the past few days.

9, Nov. 2012

On a rare sunny afternoon here in Vancouver, BC answering my cell and hearing nothing but dead air; finally I heard what sounded like a girl in her early twenties over a deafening silence. When I asked who she was, her response was "....pause....Marsha Brady." After another five seconds of dead air I hung up.

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