Area Code 620

Additional information:

Area code: 620
State: Kansas
Country: USA
28, Mar. 2017

Total scam tell them to F off

28, Mar. 2017

for example, fifty complaints before you do anything?

23, Mar. 2017

Number references First Medical C(?).

23, Mar. 2017

Same indian sounding guy called and said he was going to dissconect my microsoft computer services if I didn't do what he said. Wouldn't give me his website and said it was confidential. Also said he was calling from ITECH Geek Technical Support. DONT LISTEN TO HIM fat lie and hacker

22, Mar. 2017

PLEASE do something about this harassment.

17, Mar. 2017

I have not applied for or requested money from anywhere.

17, Mar. 2017

This telemarketer calls repeatedly and either a programmed recording plays or the call automatically hangs up.

Preston Barber
8, Mar. 2017

I also got several calls from this number, and I never answered them. This incomplete number is quite creepy for me. I will report this number to local sheriffs if they keep calling me tomorrow. It was very annoying.

28, Feb. 2017

Are they really a legit fundraiser? I have no clue how they got my phone number, I have never donated over the phone....

23, Feb. 2017

recorded call from an unidentified credit card company that tried to hand me off to a sales person.

23, Feb. 2017

The messages are left by a system, not a person.

23, Feb. 2017

Phone rang twice, no one on the line

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