620-504-7452 (Scammers)

  • Scam is known as: "Rachel from credit card services.
  • Has been around since 2009
  • Declared public enemy number one by FTC
  • Latest people reported the number as that of "Card Services, Account Services"
  • Around 31% of people reported it as "Telemarketer"
  • Please comment about the number using the form below. It will help us learn more about the scam and raise awarness.

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8, Nov. 2013

I'm at school and these people called my cell phone twice during class. No message and no answer when called back! How do we get these people?

ATT Cell Phone user
8, Nov. 2013

I got 2 calls from these folks but I didn't answer them. I was told if I had an IPHONE 4 I could block them with software on my phone if they called from the same number each time.

8, Nov. 2013

Added this number to my blacklist. I know the numbers and area codes that I either have family at or I do business with. If a number shows up as this one did and I do not recognize it, I do an internet search on it and then block it. Caller left no message indicating to me it's a telemarketer. I belong to the National and State no call lists and I continually get bothered by these calls. Apparently, these lists are of absolutely no use.

11, Nov. 2013

Called my cell phone. I answered and they hung up. I also belong to the DO NOT CALL list but continue to get these sorts of calls.

Daniel Beard
11, Nov. 2013

how does one contact the FCC and get this phone number taken away from whoever is using it to randomly call people? I think I'll try prayer. Dear God, I beseech your authority through your only son Jesus Christ that you rebuke sternly the abuser of (620) 504-7452. And thank you for Pope Francis. He's a good pope who gets Jesus of Nazareth's message.

11, Nov. 2013

Called my cell phone which is on the DO NOT CALL List. Called back and no answer. If I want to buy something I will contact a company. I never buy anything or donate over the phone, UNLESS I called them. Guess I will start being that rude person who answers, says rude things and hangs up. I pay for my phone and should be able to use it as I want, not as others want! Love the prayer Daniel Beard!

11, Nov. 2013

Up date your iPhone to the 7.xx and you can block all callers you want. they will never show up again. You can get rid of one LOW LIFE at a time.

12, Nov. 2013

called back recording states it is an unallocated number.

12, Nov. 2013

620-504-7452 just called me, too, and left no message. I called it back and got the "unallocated" message, too. I wish my cell would allow more numbers to be blocked. :-/

12, Nov. 2013

They give you options to remove the the number from their list but it never does.. Time for drastic measures....Anyone else in?

William Iwas.
13, Nov. 2013

These guys are great! they lowered my mortgage payments and restored my credit rating to a 900!!! That's just half of it, I also lost 25Lbs and added 40 points to my IQ score. Now My libido has increased 300% and women are lined up outside my singlewide trailer....Also I have theme music from "Shaft" following me when I walk the streets at night looking to foil evil criminals. Thanks Credit Bums......call again anytime.

VooDoo Doc
13, Nov. 2013

(Voodoo Chant) Ook a' laka chook a' laka!!!! Mecca lecca hinie hoe!!! I just gave these people cancer......

santa claus
5, Dec. 2013

trying to sell credit report....

6, Dec. 2013

I use a portable air horn that you can hear two miles away. Auto parts store about $13, runs on a can of compressed air, included. When they start talking, I give them a blast that will destroy their hearing for a few hours. They usually wear a headset and cannot get it off fast enough. I enjoy their calls, but they never seem to call back. Wonder why???

Mr. Air Horn
6, Dec. 2013

Please consider it your CIVIC DUTY to waste these basturds' time. Keeping them on the line as long as possible runs interference for your fellow Americans and helps minimize those who get scammed. PLUS you can have FUN in the process! Rachel of Credit Card Services (CCS) is the FTC's enemy number one: 200,000 fricken complaints each month. Probably costs us taxpayers millions per month to process. CCS has scammed your fellow citizens out of $30 million dollars. UNCLE SAME WANTS YOU to help slow down these harassing crooks. Here's a protocal to get you started. (NOTE: four months of not ever answering calls from numbers I didn't recognize didn't stop this nuisance. If you're getting these calls, you have been DRAFTED.) So PLEASE DO YOUR PART: PHASE I: 1. Play along, acting like an interested prospect. Give them fictitious data, including perhaps a combination of two different credit card numbers. 2. Be patient and respectful to reel them in. Speaking fairly slowly and clearly since these scammers will hang up on you for whatever reason (if you're chewing food, if you put them on speaker phone, if there's a slightly bad connection, etc.). 3. Upon request, I give them my credit card company's real telephone number so that they can waste their time calling while I hold. Once they've put you on hold, YOU HAVE TWO CHOICES: a) Put them on hold to keep the line open and go on with your day or, what I love ... b) Wait to deploy the protocal's second phase. Typically they come back on the line and want to review the info I've given them. PHASE II: 4. Sometimes I give them the same credit card info with two of the numbers transposed, thus causing them to call my credit card company yet a second time. They often hang up right after calling the credit card company again. HowEVER, if they're dumb enough to come back on the line (tee hee) ... 5. Then I let 'em have it (and this is the FUN part). When they say that my info didn't work, I respond, "Well maybe that's because H-O-O-O-O-N-N-N-K-K-K [from my air horn; the best $6 I ever spent] maybe you've been PRANKED! So please (now in my Cookie Monster voice) call back tomorrow if you want more bullshot. Eat shot and die, you predatory human garbage!" The purpose of this abrupt Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde transition is to enrage and demoralize the enemy, and boy does it ever work. Oh, how it pesses them off to realize you were laying in wait, setting a trap. And NOW, hardy-har, they're the butt of your joke rather than you being the victim of their harassment. Make it apparent that pranking them is your Number One idea of an uprorious good time, which is exactly why you're inviting them to call again (which they will regardless). This actually DOES become fun; trust me. In fact, I try NOT to miss their calls. : ) Incidentally, if you get really lucky you might even persuade them to give you a REAL number at which to call them back. Then please post it here so that the rest of us harassees can call them ad naseum. I was able to shut down their operation for a whole afternoon by calling from both lines of two cell phones and three lines from each of two office telephone stations. Ten calls at once, baby, for HOURS. Then they changed that number; boo hoo. So please try to get us a new number, SOLDIER!

16, Dec. 2013

This number keeps calling my cell phone and there is nobody on the line when I answer. I am on the DNCL and I am reporting this number AGAIN to the FCC. If I call the number back I get a recording that the number is not designated but it sounds like a BS recording...

17, Dec. 2013

For those of you that are fed up with Credit Card Services and know that the recording is lying when says "it is your last chance." Here is the real information: The company behind the calls is SBN Peripherals. It is run by J H Smit Duyzenkunst. His office is at 3230 Cornell Rd, Agoura, CA 91301. His telephone number is 818-879-9994.

18, Dec. 2013

I just missed a call from this number and called back to see who it was and got a message telling me the number is no longer in service. How did that happen?

21, Dec. 2013

called 3:30 P.M. 12/20/13 left no message. I called back later message said "the # you have dialed is unallegated"

21, Dec. 2013

IF this # is card services as some have said, and you have a card thru card services, unfortunately its legal for them to call you wether you're on the "do not call" list or not. Better off to block the number. I also like to answer, listen to thier line, make them think I'm interested, ask all the questions I can think of, hold them up as long as possible then simply ask "now that I've wasted your time, are you mad"? and hang up.

23, Dec. 2013

Customer Card Services to lower my Credit Card Debt, said that their company is in Washington State, but their do not have a phone number to call them back at. Ashley hung up on me.

24, Dec. 2013

I'm on the do not call list but keep getting calls from this and various other numbers. It is getting pretty irritating.

26, Dec. 2013

Called my cell phone. I answered and they hung up. I also belong to the DO NOT CALL list but continue to get these sorts of calls. Read more at http://www.whycall.me/620-504-7452.html#r3tqbxKp73EfYgHs.99

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