Phone: 619-326-3026

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San Diego, California
Its exchange 326 is managed by MPOWER COMMUNICATIONS CORP. -
The number is currently on switch number LAMSCAAODS0 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 52% of people reported it as "Scammer"
There has been a total of 17 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "could not understand, didnt understand him"
29, Jun. 2013

I don't know who this is or what they want, but it is unsolicited. I don't answer, but they have called at least 7 times in the last 24 hours. I want it to stop. I am on a do not call list, supposedly.

2, Jul. 2013

Received calls from this number several times and a male voice on the other side of the line claiming himself as he is from medical compensation department and asking about my health information and surgeries in the past. A person is talking with strong accent and telling me that I will get medical compensation for my surgery. Asking about my Personal Health Information. I asked him to drop a letter of communication with all his details. He refused to that. And he made someone else call me from a different number and going over the health related questions. I explained them clearly that I don't reveal my PHI and told him about HIPAA rules.

8, Jul. 2013

He wants past medical info to refer to an Attorney group out of New Jersey to get you a liability law suit win.The call probably originates in NJ but the number is a switching number -which is reserved for telephone hobbyists.(whatever that is) They keep calling and disregard the Do Not Call lists totally. I' m on the FL and national DNC list. The head of the Fed DNC list recently stated that they do not have enough people to work all of the complaints and believes that most companies obey the rules anyway. That means no help there.

8, Jul. 2013

SOON- an inventor will have a product that will help with these type calls. Go to his website. Soon.

16, Jul. 2013

I have repeatedly received calls from this person who is asking for Margaret Halverson. He told me he is with Consumer Research Line and he is from India. His company is from San Diego, CA. His Floor mgr is Eric Johnson and said their attorney will be contacting me for compensation for vaginal transplant. I told him, not interested. Five mintues later, I recieve a call from this number and contacted that number from my caller ID . I was able to get transferred to Milan Jordan and told him to stop calling. He claims he will put me on his do not call list. This is definitely a scam. Beware.

23, Jul. 2013

Heavy Indian accent, says he is from something called Medical Services and wants to know about surgery. Clearly a scam of some kind. Three calls today. Next time I am going to tell him the call is being recorded for the police and see what happens.

30, Aug. 2013

This number called my home phone several times, even left a message once. Person speaks with an accent and I cannot understand them. When I told them I could not understand them, they hung up. The next day they called again. I asked three times who they were. They kept asking me how I was. I told them I was on the do not call list and if they continued to call me I would report them.

9, Sep. 2013

I got a guy with an Indian accent who said his name was brain oconnor to admit the company is calling from Shri Lanka an island off the coast of India it only took me calling them 250 times a day for 3 days straight. I called my states attorney general and the federal trade commission they also call from619-4131132 same company

10, Sep. 2013

They have called me several times stating they represent my health care plan. they were asking if I have ever taken birth control. and that if I have, I may have a court case. I told them that if they are calling me on behalf my health insurance they would know if I had taken the medication. I refused to confirm ANY type of information & have repeatedly asked them to remove me.

20, Sep. 2013

Have been getting calls every day for about 6 months. As soon as I ask why do you keep calling me they hang up Usually can\'t understand person on other end.They also use a 203 #

23, Sep. 2013

I received a few calls from out of the country lines that wouldn't connect... finally the same number came through as in the country and connected. Definitely a scammer asking for the same information as everyone said above. He claimed I am due medical compensation and wanted my medical info. Uh, No!! I hung up... hopefully that is the end of it. I doubt it.

24, Sep. 2013

Called and said something about birth control I asked how he knew my medical information. He would not say what company he was representing. I told him he was violation HIPPA medical privacy law. Asked to talk with a supervisor, He hung up.

25, Sep. 2013

Call from a very very muffled line, although his background noise was so loud I could barely hear him. The name he gave sounded like Ray or Roy, which I highly doubt since his asian accent was so thick he should not be on the phone in this country. All I could make out was something about birth control, Yaz & surgery. He hung up since I couldn't understand him at all, and I am usually very good at understanding accents on the phone. Unfortunately I am waiting to hear about medical insurance so I had no idea this was a scam, wish I could have pulled up this page while I was on the phone.

5, Oct. 2013

he tells me in the usual heavy Indian accent that I may be getting medical compensation but his call is in reference to birth control pills. I know this is a scam and I also have told him to put me on the do not call list

15, Oct. 2013

Very hard to understand. Said his name was Stephen Wright or something like that could not understand him. very annoying. Something about birth control and when last used. I told him I could not understand him and then I hung up.

18, Oct. 2013

They have called 6 times in last 24 hours, one was at 6:30 am this morning. I called them back because they kept calling and, like PAB above, they asked if I had taken birth control in 2007 and had a blood clot in my left leg in 2007. I said no to both questions, said I would be happy to talk to them later if they would like to schedule a time, but the guy kept trying to talk to me then so I hung up and haven't answered again since it's obvious they aren't legitimate since they won't leave a message.

22, Oct. 2013

I too have been getting calls from a man with an accent-Heavy accent. I can only understand 1)my name 2)medical compensation. I don't answer numbers I don't know And this one left a messg.(.which is unusual). Just don't answer. they'll quit calling...eventually!

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