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Regional statistics: Boston, Massachusetts has a population of 571281 that is in a county of 278722 units. The city is in a county that is 59 square miles. 617-963 is available through the regional telephone switch # WLHMMASE0MD in the Boston area.

Other cities around Boston include:
Waltham, Chelsea, Newton, Woburn

We are able to provide you with information on 617-963 exchange (handled by SBC TELECOM) in Boston, Massachusetts and most of the U.S (in addition to certain Canadian cities)

Anonymous is reporting 617-963-7738:

I do not have caller ID but use the *69 feature which gets me the calling number.

Reported 18, Aug. 2015.
Anonymous is reporting 617-963-0679:

The caller ID registered as above, however when I answered the recorded voice said that this was my last opportunity to get reduced rate credit.

Reported 2, Jul. 2015.
Anonymous is reporting 617-963-7350:

It's a recording message no real person on the other end, buts it's a annoying.

Reported 25, Dec. 2014.
Anonymous is reporting 617-963-3129:

They have refused to provide their phone number. They are a scam. I have told them I am on the do-not-call list, but they still persist in harrassing me. The last time I told them that, the guy tried to belch at me. Do I need to report this to the phone company or a law enforcement agency? Help!

Reported 19, Jul. 2014.
Anonymous is reporting 617-963-0792:

Calls me 3 times a day since 6 weeks ago. I want to sue him.

Reported 4, Jan. 2014.
Anonymous is reporting 617-963-0724:

Who keeps calling me, leaves no message.

Reported 3, Jan. 2014.
Anonymous is reporting 617-963-0795:

They actually called me three times. I told them I had filed numerous complaints against them and that they should stop calling. That was just one of the phone numbers they called from. Many are very odd numbers. I keep asking them not to call. Maybe its a language barrier. It's very annoying no matter what.

Reported 10, Oct. 2013.
Anonymous is reporting 617-963-0745:

Why are these people allowed to continually violate the law?

Reported 26, Jun. 2013.
Anonymous is reporting 617-963-0523:

They call twice a day. They do not leave a message if we don't answer. The number appears as customer help on our caller id.

Reported 30, Nov. 2012.
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