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  • Regional statistics: Belmont, Massachusetts has a population of 23546 that is in a county of 561220 units. The city is in a county that is 824 square miles. 617-932 is available through the regional telephone switch # CMBRMA01DS5 in the Belmont area.
  • Other cities located around Belmont: Boston (617-931) Waltham (617-930) Quincy (617-934) Cambridge (617-940)
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2, Dec. 2015

I've never given them permission to call me- especially on my cell phone.

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7, Jan. 2014

calls my cell frequently and driving me nuts!!!!!!!

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24, Dec. 2013

When I told them that I was on the "do not call list" they told me that they didn't give a damn.

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8, Aug. 2013

If you call the number back it states that you are receiving a call because you were on the web and they got your info. They are offering a $100 gift card to stores you can opt out and get off their calling list if you press 2 supposedly. I will see if this stops their calls.