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27, Jan. 2014

prank calls repeatly

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4, Jan. 2014

Keep getting calls and no one on other end. I signed up on the government "do not call list" but it seems to do no good.

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9, Oct. 2013

I received a call from this number and a man said...\"bus is late..wow\". That\'s it. But the weird thing is the bus was late - we had gotten a call from the school about it. Kind of weirded out by it. Tried calling the # back and only got busy signal.

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8, Oct. 2013

This number called and asked for me by name, when I answered, and then hung up. Have no idea who it is or why they (a man) called.

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27, Sep. 2013

Why does someone keep calling me from this number 617-774-1140 please stop.

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13, Apr. 2013

This was a recording and when you called the number back you got another recording in which I didn't have time to wait thru to talk to a human.

dee jay
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18, Mar. 2012

I am on no call list and have been getting calls from unknown numbers. This one said thank you for adding-- i think. I usually just delete but thought it was someone else at first. It wasn't a live call-- it was a text.