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12, Jan. 2018

Called and spoke to my husband telling him, "she's your spouse you can legally do whatever you want to do." He was an unprofessional jerk. Do not give your information out!!!

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23, Nov. 2015

The name that appears is b(6) but the recording states it is Card Services.

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18, Mar. 2015

Called; hung up when answering machine came on. Obviously a nuisance call. We are on the DNC list but it still does not block calls like this one.

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8, Dec. 2014

This is a legimate call from the Jimmy Fund, who supports Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

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18, Sep. 2014

Very annoying. It kept calling for no reason. I blocked on the iPhone. The iPhone IOS 7 users can block unwanted numbers.

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29, Jul. 2014

Same here. They call constantly. I have spoken with several callers and have asked them to stop calling, that I am not interested in their product. They are driving me insane. They say my name will be off the list, but clearly it is not. I have 12 missed calls from them over the past month. Ugh! What should I do? I'm already on the do not call list.

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23, May. 2014

just called about the same as john see above comment

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12, Nov. 2013

I'm glad I searched this number on line and found out it's nothing I need to answer. They've been calling me 2x week for a month. Annoying!

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12, Sep. 2013

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15, Aug. 2013

Call came in asking me to hold. Hold message saying the FBI says home breaking are occurring daily in your area, we come out and put a security sign in your front yard. Then a lady comes on the line, I told her I do not know how you got my number, I am on the Do Not Call National Directory. The lady called me a bitch and hung up on me. Big SCAM.

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22, Jan. 2013

Since I didn't recognize the number I didn't answer it. Only one call from them so far. If they call again I'll put them in my phone book as "Do Not Answer"

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14, Jan. 2013

just keeps calling and hanging up leaves no message

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24, Jul. 2012

The calls ceased for 1 1/2 days, and started up again today