Area Code 616

Additional information:

Area code: 616
State: Michigan
Country: USA
23, Mar. 2017

They Continue to call ever night between 7 & 8 p.m.

22, Mar. 2017

Stop these calls!!!!

22, Mar. 2017

At that point I told her my # is on the do not call list.

21, Mar. 2017

My phone rang, then as I picked up another phone was ringing on the line like I called them...someone picked up and said "Hello?" and I hung up

21, Mar. 2017

I blocked that number but the most current is the info listed above

21, Mar. 2017

This number calls, it's always very loud and they ask for an inaudible name and then confirm the phone number and when tell them its the number but not the residence told yes you are I'm calling from DHS to confirm your bladder mesh order, I said again this is not the residence and then he hung up

21, Mar. 2017

Since I don't bank with or have any business cards with any of those banks - when I told them they hung up.

21, Mar. 2017

Calling and attempting to collect on my deceased mother's debts. When I tell them she is deceased, they apologize and hang up - then they call again a few days later. I have received letters from them in the mail acknowledging that Mom is deceased, but asking me to settle the bill for her from the estate. Mom had no estate to speak of - just a small home only worth $15K SEQ and $21K taxable value - and the state wants to take THAT because Mom was on Medicaid when she died. Do these idiots seriously think they're going to get anything out of the estate? You can explain til you're blue in the face, and they still don't get it. I'm not paying that credit card bill - I am already saddled with the final expenses for Mom.

20, Mar. 2017

On the recorded message, which I have received numerous times, there was not an opportnity to be taken off of their list.

18, Mar. 2017

Also, i have looked the 888 number up and a lot of people have had the same call.

16, Mar. 2017

The just wont stop calling me.

3, Mar. 2017

This company calls every day - sometimes more than once!

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