Area Code 616

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Area code: 616
State: Michigan
Country: USA
admiring you
20, Feb. 2018

so she is back with him from what it looks like on her facebook post. hope it works out for you but if not look me up.

20, Feb. 2018

When I call the number from a land line I cannot speak to anyone unless I enter a 16 digit number that is apparently on the card.

20, Feb. 2018

Each time they tell me that the government owes me money.I registered my phone number on the Do Not Call list about two weeks ago.

19, Feb. 2018

I received a fax from this company.

19, Feb. 2018

I did listen through and hit the key to prevent further calls about a week or so before this have received two more calls from the # this past week.

17, Feb. 2018

Will not stop calling me.

17, Feb. 2018

WhenI stay on the line to talk with a rep and explain it is a DO NOT Call number, they hangup.

15, Feb. 2018

Calls to offer 2018 insurance rates; called me at work!

14, Feb. 2018

Call stated we were selected to receive a free cruise but we had to complete a survey

14, Feb. 2018

Call regarding lower interest rate on credit card debt.

14, Feb. 2018

Despite the fact that I have this number on my reject list, they call every business day.

13, Feb. 2018

This number continues to call many times a day.

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