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2, Sep. 2016

Called and asked for JENNIFER. NO ONE IN OUR HOUSE LIVES HERE WITH THAT NAME. Said her birth date is April 1984. No one lives here with that name and were a little older. Definitely someone with too much time on their hands.

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22, Nov. 2015

The consumer asked them to quit calling and they used improper language on the consumer and hanged up.

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13, Feb. 2014

These people call both my numbers.

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17, Aug. 2013

These people just ignore my request to stop calling me. I've not done business with them ever.

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13, Aug. 2013

Fake inquiry on craigslist

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29, Apr. 2013

This place has called me numerous times. If it doesn't leave a message- it just waits on the line and hangs up. I need them to just stop calling my number!

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19, Apr. 2013

This was another call today. Does the FTC do anything to stop this? If not, please inform the public on what to do to get this to stop. It is a strain on me every time I have to answer this recorded phone call.

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25, Dec. 2012

They call everyday looking for a "johnathan".

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1, Jul. 2012

these people call three times a day and will not stop!

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17, Apr. 2012

Keep getting hang up calls from this number