Phone: 615-800-7621

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Nashville, Tennessee (800) exchange.
Around 25% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 4 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "ALLSTATE INSURANCE COMPANY, Refused to give the company name"
30, Apr. 2013

This is quest for polling information and the redial of the number gives a recording saying that the number is not in service.

2, May. 2013

Both me and my friend got calls on our cell phones this week from this number. No message was left for either of us. Seems odd as we seldom use our cell phones.

4, Sep. 2013

No reputable company would call and then not give their name. I asked the name three times, three different ways. After the third time, the agent hung up. This smells like a scam.

19, Sep. 2013

I KNOW EXACTLY WHO THIS IS. I RESEARCHED IT, FOOLED THEM INTO GIVING ME THEIR INFORMATION, AND GOT ALL I NEED TO REPORT THEM. First, they call you. If you don't answer the phone, and you later call them back with your caller ID blocked, you will get a "this call is not in service" response. If you call with your caller ID showing, you will get through. So I called them back. They answered the phone with an automated voice telling me that they were calling to offer me insurance at a lower rate. I clicked the number "1" to proceed. Then, I got a real person. **I am not going to reveal all of the things I had to do to get to the information I got, because I don't want this company to train its telemarketers and agents on how to spot someone gathering information, like me." I can tell you that they eventually transfer you to an insurance agent in your area, and that's where I learned exactly who was behind these calls. IT IS ALLSTATE INSURANCE COMPANY. I spoke with a young man named Jeff Roman, who identified himself as the brother of the owner of the agency, Josh Roman, and the name of the agency is Josh Roman Allstate in Memphis, Tennessee. This is what I learned: • All calls are from Allstate Insurance. • All calls are generated or commissioned by the Allstate corporate office. • They make 10,000 calls a day. When asked, with that many calls, they handle the "Do Not Call" list (of which I am included), Mr. Roman smugly advised me that they have a loophole that people don't know about. He said that first, the DNC is a national list, and when people want to be on the DNC list, they have to renew their inclusion on that list every year. He said since most people don't know that, they can get a lot more people. When I asked how they knew one way or the other, he said their list is "scrubbed" by their corporate office, so this scam goes all the way to the corporate office. When I told him I was on the DNC list, he began to realize that this might not be someone who really wanted to talk about insurance. He quickly said, "have a nice day" and ended the call. To be clear, the Josh Roman Allstate office in Memphis is simply an agency in my state. You would be transferred to an Allstate agency in YOUR state. I ENCOURAGE EVERYONE TO DROP THEIR ALLSTATE INSURANCE IF THEY HAVE IT, AND DON'T EVER BUY ALLSTATE INSURANCE IF THEY DON'T. I verify that every word in this statement is true; there have been no added words nor any exaggerations or embellishments of any information or conversation.

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