Phone: 615-613-0713

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Nashville, Tennessee
Its exchange 613 is managed by NETWORK TELEPHONE CORPORATION
The number is currently on switch number NSVLTNMTDS5 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 50% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 34 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of ""Hope", Hope House"
6, Oct. 2012

"Hope House" shows up on caller ID, but I believe the call is "routed" to show this. I feel this is a scammer/telemarketer, or something worse. Perhaps gathering information as to when the residence is occupied or empty. I think the best action is to ignore this call. If answered, they will hang up, so it's best not answered. They will not get the "pattern" information they are possibly seeking.

11, Oct. 2012

Keep calling and calling. Never leave message.

14, Oct. 2012

Calls EVERY Day, sometimes 2 or 3 times. Never leaves a message. I never answer.

17, Oct. 2012


18, Oct. 2012

Phone rings, nobody there when answered

18, Oct. 2012

Called four times in the past two days. Don't leave an actual message, just hang up when answering machine starts recording, leaving dial tone as message. This is probably an auto-dialer. Didn't know they're stealing donations...

19, Oct. 2012

Calls from this number have been received 2 or 3 times a day for the last week. Until last night the would hang up when answered. Last night they were asking for donations for something.

22, Oct. 2012

This number calls daily, at various times, morning & evening, weekends too. They never leave a message, and when answered never speak. Most annoying, and concerning, when you try to understand the purpose of such a pattern.

8, Nov. 2012

(615) 613-0713 claiming to be Hope House. Never picked up the items we were donating, which prompted us to call this #. Goes directly to VM with message saying mailbox is full. Called Hope House of TN and there is an ongoing investigation on this scam. Hope House does not solicit by phone.

13, Nov. 2012

They call several times a day, then hang up! PLEASE, do somthing about this! Thank-you!

29, Nov. 2012

615.613.0713 Have called me 4 times in the past three days. Never leaves a message. I called them back and the message stated they do clothing pickup and for me to leave them a message and they would call me back to arrange a pickup.

7, Dec. 2012

I DON"T CARE WHAT THEY DO. They call me morning till night. Example: 12/04 =8:30 pm, 12/5 = 12:22 pm, 12/5 = 12:57 pm , 12/6 = 11:02 am, 12:06 = 12:12 pm, 12/06 = 8:51 pm, 12/06 = 8:52 pm, 12/7 = 10:34 am=today... This has been going on for months. There is never a message. I tried to call them back and got a recording. Very sick of them. Trying to find out where they are located.

14, Dec. 2012

claim to be connected with network of domestic violence shelters in several states under same name. soliciting donated items. Asked for their website this time, person had to go "find it" for me. The website brought up this and several sites. Ongoing scam!!! There is a legit Hope House in TN and these callers are a hoax.

27, Dec. 2012

calls everyday but never leave a message.

Barbara M
6, Jan. 2013

I am on the Federal do not call list and they still call me all the time. When I tell them I am on the do not call list they hang up. Please fine them according to the law.

23, Mar. 2013

who every this people are it getting annoying they call around close to 9 p.m someone needs to put a stop to this

17, Apr. 2013

This # has called my home many times over the past few months (ususally late @ night) and never leaves a msg when the answering machine picks up. I have reported to the list, but I'm not sure they ever do anything about these calls. They need to be fined and stopped!!!

20, Jun. 2013

These people call weekly for donations to Hope House for domestic violence!!!!!! I have given several bags of clothing but they leave NO RECEIPT as they promised!!! I have tried to call back this number several time but NO ONE will answer!!! I left many messages. Finally I get a call back saying they will mail a receipt that day. It never came. Called back--no response.. I feel that this is a SCAM!!! They need to be stopped!!!

16, Jul. 2013

Claimed to be Hope Hose, asked to be removed, he said sorry its my job. Asked for them not to call here anymore and got some cussing tossed my way. These people are scammers! I too am on the Do Not Call list, makes no difference to them, its not enforced!

akb nashville
16, Oct. 2013

thats what shows up on caller id anyway. Called it back got a recording, left a very nasty message. Going to try to call it again tomorrow during business hours. If they want a donation, I'll donate something that will hurt. Black b***h on the recording too. Tired of this s**t, and calls at 9pm wtf??????

18, Oct. 2013

I am so tired of these people calling me at all hours of the day and night. They just don't give up.. I never answer them and they just keep calling. someone needs to put a stop to this calls.

12, Nov. 2013

Received my first calls today - 1030 am and 8:55 tonight. No message.

26, Nov. 2013

This number has called several times in past, and now two times this morning. I called number after 2nd time; no answer, but call goes to a full voicemail box. Pretty sure just a scam. We are on both the national and state Do Not Call lists, too.

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