Area Code 614

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Area code: 614
State: Ohio
Country: USA
16, Aug. 2017

Selling services for international calling

10, Aug. 2017

Don't answer

10, Aug. 2017

Guy that I could barely understand, seemed to be doing a survey about "this area" but clearly was just saying that to keep the statement generic to wherever I happen to be located.

10, Aug. 2017

They called me 5 times today and yesterday. I answered yesterday and told them I was on the DNCL and they still keep calling.

8, Aug. 2017

Phone solicitor about a free trip!! they call all day long!!!

8, Aug. 2017

asked if i can hear her then rambled some crap about winning gift cards. she kept rambling until i screamed STOP so i could tell her to put me on rhe do not call. she responded appropriately and apologized. hope they dont call again.

4, Aug. 2017

trying to collect on debt previously paid

4, Aug. 2017

So sick and upset that the phone provider, FCC or FTC can't get a stop to these unwanted calls. They have no concern for the consumer at all. Calls are hit during waking up, eating, or before retiring. Why should we have to pay for unwanted service and annoyance.

28, Jul. 2017

This number was put on one of my accounts as a home contact number. I have no idea who's number this belongs to.

Max Power
28, Jul. 2017

614-996-4676 is a pet scammer.

26, Jul. 2017

Called 4 times in a row no message left.

25, Jul. 2017

This number responded to a craigslist add for a major car part. The texter wanted to know if it was still for sale. I responded that it was for sale and to give a call. The texter responded "sorry text only". I then check the number I find that it is probably a scammer.

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