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5, Dec. 2013 Reply

Just asked for me, and when I asked who it was she just kept saying her name, and then hung up on me.

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21, Oct. 2013 Reply

This is a telemarketer that is attempting to get you to let them get you into college. They ask for your interests, and then they try to find you a college in your area.

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16, Sep. 2013 Reply

Called my cell at 5:30 on my way from work. Don't they know we have to pay for phone calls? The phone is for our use, not theirs. Claimed to be from Delaware Dept of Heath, using a Ohio phone number? I hung up after 8 words, blocked the phone #, then filed a complaint with . Enough said!

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10, Apr. 2013 Reply

Agree with comment above- they call ALL the time and there is no one ever there. STOP CALLING!!!

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7, Feb. 2013 Reply

they call almost daily and often from different phone numbers. Been calling for months.

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7, Aug. 2012 Reply

These people have been calling over many many months and have been asked to stop but don't. We reported them to you a few days ago and today we have gotten two more calls where they don't even bother to speak and then we hang up. Is there a way to make them stop calling?