614-335-6121 (Scammers)

  • Scam is known as: "Rachel from credit card services.
  • Has been around since 2009
  • Declared public enemy number one by FTC
  • Latest people reported the number as that of "none, Wendy"
  • Around 33% of people reported it as "Unknown"
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8, Feb. 2013

when you return the call the office is closed.

22, Mar. 2013

Called and didn't leave a message and when you call the number back alot of static and noise.

19, Apr. 2013

leave a message with nothing but noise, no message.

3, May. 2013

No one spoke after I said hello so I turned on Cee Lo Green's F**K YOU! and let it play.

15, May. 2013

I say scammer because the woman said she was from a prize service (NOT PCH) and that I was in the running to win up to 5K/month. All I had to do to be eligible for that was to give her my credit card number. Wow. end of call.

12, Jun. 2013


12, Jun. 2013


26, Jun. 2013

They called and then as soon as I said "Hello?" they hung up.

21, Nov. 2013

206-855-3055, 581-824-8489,381-219-3523,202-621-5429,516-926-1632, 714-463-6056, 202-241-2807, 805-219-6051, 111111111, 805-219-6069,630-318-4762, 502-267-7522, 614-335-6121... have called me numerous times during the day for 6 days straight. If they left a VM, there was no talking, if I answered the phone they would sit quietly and listen, when I called the #'s back, i got several foreign people who could barely speak English or it was an out of the country # my cell would not complete. After, 3 threatening called from me to my DA, it finanally stopped yesterday. Most of the calls were minutes apart from each other and at least 4-5 calls a day. When I pulled my cell phone bill, their #'s were not on it and I had no proof they called. Very frustrating!!!!

Dennis Smith
25, Nov. 2013

I called the number back & asked the name of the company. I believe it is connected to Publishers Clearing House.

29, Jan. 2014

they have a 614 area code which I know is cols ohio, they say they're from Kansas, told them no calls anymore,or I would report them

4, Feb. 2014

I feel these are scammers, I called back the number and some guy said he was calling from Missouri, right with a columbus OHio number, better stop guys!

19, Mar. 2014

This number called me at 8 a.m. exactly. They left no voicemail. My thought is "No message, no return call!!"

18, Apr. 2014

got a call from this number, the voicemail is blank and this isnt the first time they have called either. Each voicemail is blank.

23, Apr. 2014

Have called twice today. One at 8 am and the second at 10 AM. Caller ID says unassigned. Leaves no message.

28, May. 2014

She said she was from a prize service and said that I was in the running for the top winner. She asked my age, if I was employed, and if I was married or single and which credit card I use the most. I told her everything but she didn't ask my credit card number. Thank goodness because I would have said she was a scammer. She also said she was calling from KC and the number was from OH.

30, May. 2014

I can't tell if it's a scam or not because I enter Publisher clearing house stuff frequently enough and I think she said "publisher prize service" and said I was in the top five to win something. She did ask for some info (age, job, status, WHAT credit card I use and WHAT card my debit card is for my checking but not the numbers). I answered everything except I said I don't have a credit card or a checking account I just use cash, so I figured that way if it really is a scam they can't do anything? The call was from OH when I looked up the number I just see pages like this one.

4, Jun. 2014

Hang up, it's a scam for personal info to sign you up for magazine subscriptions, at about $20 a month.

6, Aug. 2014

Unknown; when I called back, was asked to give my phone number, which I did not do. Some telemarketer in Columbus OH area.who

30, Aug. 2014

Aw, damnit. I did enter a sweepstake the other day and was very excited when the caller said I was a finalist to win a million dollar prize. He asked my job, marital status, where I'm from etc but nothing regarding credit or personal information which is why I wasn't tipped off to the scam until I looked up the number online. What can I do to protect myself from fraud? Am I in danger for speaking to him briefly? Should I block the number? Thanks.

20, Feb. 2015

First they called me. Didn't hear anything. Called back, person answered by greeting my name (so I'm in a dbase). Explaining to me that they got my info from online survey (yes I remember that and then got rewarded with USD 100 of magazines). They wanted to enter me in a sweep stake. Asked some additional info (stuff they could not do anything with, like if I'm married, occupation). Provided answers. Told them I'm not interested in Magazines (even if they are free). Call took 5 min. I guess this nr is a standard call center handling several clients for different companies (heard a lot of calls on the background).

24, Jul. 2015

Very nice person. I entered a sweepstakes online a week ago and they finished my entry for being a finalist and entered me in another. Asked if I wanted the magazines at a discounted rate. I turned them down and was still entered without giving any credit information. Wonderful woman and friendly.

11, Sep. 2015

Called, left no message. They are now blocked.

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