Area Code 613

Additional information:

Area code: 613
State: Ontario
Country: Canada
29, May. 2017

They are a SCAM calling from India. They got your name, number, address and computer info. from a Dell breach that Dell refuses to acknowledge. Do not give them any info. If you are brave, try to get a call back number or website associated with their scam.

27, May. 2017

This number text me saying they Canada revenue agency and I had an 86$ refund This text came immediately after I filed my taxes online with H&R block. I opened the text. But didn't try to deposit money 86 with $ after seemed strange . I don't trust the text. FYI

26, May. 2017

Got a robotic message from "Officer" Ryan Smith saying my file was being audited and that disregarding this message would be a federal offence. Sounded suspicious to me for several reasons: 1) I have nothing to hide from the Feds; 2) The few times in my life that I've gotten a call from the government they didn't leave a name since it's a call center and they will identify you with your S.I.N. and finally 3) I found it strange that they wiould leave a 613 area code instead of a 1-800 number.

26, May. 2017

An automated voice left an arrest threat. I called them back. They Claimed to be Canada Revenue and said i owed an outragious amount in taxes and that i needed a criminal lawyer to sort it out as it was a "series of tax mistakes from 2011-2016". I explained I didn't have time for that. So they suggested i go about it outside the courts. *This whole time they did not ask any security wuestions to comfirm my identity, nor my date of birth.* All they had was a Phone number and a last name (which can easily be found in a phone book) They will try to get you to pay via credit card (luckily i haven't got one) Once they have that then they will probably hang up or say thankyou. *I never got to that part. Don't fall for their scam. They can barely speak English for one.

26, May. 2017

Its frustrating because they keep changing their number so I pick up the calls.

26, May. 2017

I should push one to accept shipment, (or words to that effect).

25, May. 2017

fake CRA phone call please investigate this caller

25, May. 2017

This is a legit number from CRA. accounts receivable. The number they told me to call back matched documentation received from CRA by mail in the past..

24, May. 2017

This number called my work saying they are from Reliant and that our Bell phone bill will be discounted from now on. They tried to get personal information out of me. I told them I'm hanging up cause it's a scam.

23, May. 2017

received call from #613-499-1606 constable Ryan Smith of CRA - about my tax returns and it is under investigation and call should not be ignored. Did call back - immature person sound like Filipino answered - when I asked her certain questions - she hung up Scammers

23, May. 2017

They spoke french but with a tick "black" accent, didnt get what they were saying and they hanged up before explaining

20, May. 2017

robocall from spoofed number

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