Area Code 613

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Area code: 613
State: Ontario
Country: Canada
25, May. 2018

Total scam call -- said if i didn't call him back or disregarded the message that it was on me... .. BS

To Fubar
25, May. 2018

Idiotic Fubar: that scamming number is from Canada, not from a muslim country.

25, May. 2018

Couldn't ask them to stop, as it is a recording.

25, May. 2018

I received the same voice message about the tax fraud against me from this number and asked me to call back. Too much like a scam. So never replied. Glad to see many people are sharing this information online. Hope to catch the scammer!

25, May. 2018

I just received a voice mail from this number asking me to call back concerning tax fraud. Why can't this number be shut down.

25, May. 2018

agree, total bs

JB Honest
24, May. 2018

Bell canada supports these frequent scam calls and many others like it, they make money from this criminal behavior so they will do nothing to aide their customers to stop this fraudulent infringement of customer rights.. Rev Can Does not call people. period. ...So you cant blame Rev Can(CRA) Your Phone service provider is profiting from this scam and many others just like it which is why they don't want this criminal behavior stopped....

24, May. 2018

Received call, didn’t answer, they left a voice mail which I read. Won’t call back. It’s a scam. CRA uses snail mail and your online account with them if there are any discrepancies.

24, May. 2018

phone was ringing and didn't pick up-looked here first. Definitely blocking this number.

24, May. 2018

It looks scammer, called on my wife cell no...I called back and was saying this is criminal branch , investigation subdivision....was saying some criminal investigation going under ur name if u will not respond then u will face the consequences

23, May. 2018

I got the exact same call. I tried the number because I was curious and it just says call rejected. With and without a (1) at the beginning.

23, May. 2018

i don't know who's calling,but there won't leave a message

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