Area Code 613

Additional information:

Area code: 613
State: Ontario
Country: Canada
17, Jan. 2018

Yes he called me too on my cell and land line

17, Jan. 2018

I got the same message but passed it off as a spam call.

16, Jan. 2018

I received the following voice message, as recorded by an external answering machine that does not identify the number called or those who live in the house hold, on Jan 15 & 16, 2018: "The is the Canada Revenue Agency. Immediately, on receiving this call, call 613-916-6545. I repeat again 613-916-6545". I know for a fact that no one within the CRA would leave such a message on an answering machine, let alone a machine that does not identify the recipient of the message being left. I am primarily leaving this comment so that if others come across it while having received calls associated with a different number from someone claiming to be calling on behalf of the Canada Revenue Agency, they can rest assured that the call is nonsense!

16, Jan. 2018

Consumer has filed complaints with several agencies including the AG and FCC, but they are still calling.

16, Jan. 2018

Same as above, been getting these calls in a variety of messages anywhere stating there is action taken against me, banking issues etc. Why can the phone company stop these calls i keep blocking the numbers but they still seem to be able to change and call again.

16, Jan. 2018

Yep at it again. Another Indian claiming to be from CRA. Number was 613-699-8235 its a magicjack number again which means a IP phone from India. Emailed MagicJack - Abuse team

16, Jan. 2018

Yes I too received the same call...left a badly recorded message saying something about tax fraud..

16, Jan. 2018

3 calls in two days, also using 343 882-0348 Robotics scam message. Disregarded

16, Jan. 2018

Called several times. No answer. Blocked caller.

16, Jan. 2018

3 times today. We put a call block on this number. Good by take care.

16, Jan. 2018

same thing as above, received the call yesterday to my cell phone; today to my direct line at work. Very annoying. Hope it can be stopped.

16, Jan. 2018

Another call from 914 area code.

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