Area Code 613

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Area code: 613
State: Ontario
Country: Canada
25, Sep. 2018

CRA Scam!!! Hang up and ignore!

25, Sep. 2018

Pretend to be CRA and have an arrest warrant if I did not call back. I did call back to give them an earful, but the cxall was not picked up

25, Sep. 2018

Voicemail left with a threatening to arrest me if I do not call them back. I called them back and actually spoke with someone. Asked them if they felt good about scamming people and was told to eff off.

25, Sep. 2018

Robot call that says they are from the Canada Revenue Agency & have started a criminal investigation. Fake and awful. Do not engage.

25, Sep. 2018

Federal agent says that this is the 2nd and last attempt to contact me about a appearing before a magistrate of a grand jury on a federal offense. hahahahahahaha F* off.

25, Sep. 2018

Telling me this was second attempt to contact me regarding missing hearing in front of federal judge for criminal matter. Scammer.

25, Sep. 2018

asked name of company - replied Home Protection Security Services.

25, Sep. 2018

Fake call from Canada Revenue Agency threatening to take me to court and warning me not to ignore their message. Calls almost every day.

24, Sep. 2018


24, Sep. 2018

They called me leaving a message saying there was a warrant against me, so I called back! They asked for my name and address, that I gave. And I asked to speak with someone in French, told me someone will call me back! Now after reading your comments I feel like an idiot. Hope giving my name and adresss won’t get me in trouble. Will they use it for something?

24, Sep. 2018

Today's is the most recent.

23, Sep. 2018

Find out who they are, harvest their useful organs and discard the rest.

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