Phone: 613-249-3234

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Ottawa, Ontario
Its exchange 249 is managed by BELL CANADA - ON
The number is currently on switch number OTWAON10CG0 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 51% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 33 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Umknown, J2 Global Canada"
17, Oct. 2013

This number calls our phone line all day everyday trying to fax to it. When I call it back is says not in service, I have tried faxing them asking them to stop but that doesnt go thru either..

23, Oct. 2013

do not call me with your fax beep.

6, Nov. 2013

sending faxes to home phone number and drives me crazy.

24, Nov. 2013

calls frequently, leaves no message other than a beeping. If we answer the phone, we get the beeping.

4, Dec. 2013

called my work number 3 times today, all it is is a fax beep, I tried calling the number back and it doesn't even ring, it just hangs up.

4, Dec. 2013

Please stop calling my business line.....I do not have a fax!

4, Dec. 2013

Please stop calling my business line.....I do not have a fax!

6, Dec. 2013

Fax beeping starting at 7:00 a.m. and calls back about every 45 minutes. I'm on the OK "No Call" list for all the good that does,

11, Dec. 2013

Who the f*** u people r

16, Dec. 2013

How do I get these fax calls to stop? This is ridiculous. Right now, I just received my third call in 10 minutes. It looks like they are switching from 1 # to the next. This time it was 3234, the 1 5 minutes ago was from 3233. Annoying!!!! IT NEEDS TO END!!!!

2, Jan. 2014

Hi, you guys keep calling my house number and I would really love it if you stoped trying to send fax s**t to my house number. My number is not a fax number it is a house number. and you guys call more then once a day in the morning. I would really like to know how to make theses people stop calling my house?

15, Jan. 2014

I work at a school and keep getting calls from this number. They must be trying to fax. I tried to fax them back but the number is no good. Same problem as others on this site.

16, Jan. 2014

Sounds like a fax machine called me 5 times in 10 minutes, called back, nothing, i work two fulltime jobs this s**t better stop

28, Jan. 2014

constant faxing to my home number...

29, Jan. 2014

This keeps calling our office number and we are a crisis line....

3, Feb. 2014

fax machine calls 3am, 6am, and some afternoons- annoying. How can I make this stop?

6, Mar. 2014

Called 12:44 from 3234 12:54 from 3233 1:02 from 3234

10, Mar. 2014

This number has called my business five times a day for the last 3 days. It sounds like a fax number attempting to send just beeps and then sounds garbled before it disconnects.

11, Mar. 2014

Stop calling my house.

18, Mar. 2014

Fax machine calling my number about six times per day every day. As stated above, no one responds, can't fax back, can't ring back but definitely on my last mf nerve. Wtf is it? but even my phone service provider was able to block it. Completely affecting the quality of my life. At this point, it is very stressful.

19, Mar. 2014

Complaining here won't do anything. File a complaint online with the FCC. Google it, takes 2 mins.

Super Annoyed
4, Apr. 2014

Auto Fax keeps calling!! Ok...Austin Tx here. I found this number in a similar complaint page. Call 866-330-4185. It asks to enter your number then hit #. The auto attendent responds that it has successfully removed you from their autofax list. Hope it works. My call was from 249-3234 but I'm sure it's the same automarketing fax company

business annoyed
15, Apr. 2014

This caller is leaving a fax to a non fax number. It belongs to an Canadian company called Protus their number is 613-733-0000 use option 4 to enter your phone number to be taken off of their fax list.

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