Area Code 610

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Area code: 610
State: Pennsylvania
Country: USA
18, Dec. 2017

One man argued with me and swore at me, several of the rest assured me that they would take my phone number off the call list.

17, Dec. 2017

Indian guy named William who apparently works for microsoft in California and said there was a problem with my microsoft computer that I don't even own... Riiiiiiiight

16, Dec. 2017

Amazon delivery

15, Dec. 2017

Got an automated message from Rikers Island prison saying it was Jared Fogle and would i accept the charges.It has to be a wrong number but they keep calling.

Alyssa Tucker
15, Dec. 2017

Sent my sons a nasty ass video of her twerking!!! My youngest son asked if it was a monkey dancing in the video lmao.A 40 year old woman twerking is not a pretty sight GO FIND SOMEONE YOUR OWN AGE

15, Dec. 2017

The Caller ID shows "Name Unavailable".

15, Dec. 2017

Wanted to lower my credit card rate.

dental office
14, Dec. 2017

calls and listens then hangs up all day long everyday

14, Dec. 2017

I have reported this company many, many times.

14, Dec. 2017

This caller called FOUR times in 1 day.

Terry B.
14, Dec. 2017

Tries to take advantage of elderly people to steal credit card and bank information.People like this should be in prison.

13, Dec. 2017

They’ve been calling my mother’s phone number at home for years and now her cell phone number for the last year and a half to two years often on a different number every time same scam. Complaint against her daughter pending jail time pending lawsuit that must call within 24 hours or charges will be filed as she will be arrested. It’s a scam different story every time they call. Been going on for almost 5 years now to her helmet phone number. Do not call them back or give them information they are a scam call your local DA and report it

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