Area Code 610

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Area code: 610
State: Pennsylvania
Country: USA
15, Aug. 2017

No answer. Probably a scammer.. Blocking this one.

15, Aug. 2017

Probably abill Collector

7, Aug. 2017

Called, couldn't understand caller. So we hung up. Sick and tired of unsolicited callers. Either a broken English callers or no voice at all. Don't understand why these fools call expecting us to buy into their sales pitch, threats or heavy breathing. Not answering unwanted unknown calls any longer.. Have my numbers of family friends programmed. No more! All other calls go to message

4, Aug. 2017

I just received this phone call today from the IRS saying that I old them money and it was an automated phone call I try to call back nobody would answer I finally figured out that this is a scam I'm disgusted by this

4, Aug. 2017

I have received over FIFTY CALLS IN ONE DAY!!!!!!! One call after another. Reported to my phone co Verizon which is my landline. A call to the police is next. I'm 87yrs old and this is getting on my nerves!!! 8/4/17!!!

4, Aug. 2017

called me 37 times over 2 days. I asked not to be called and was called 15 times more over a period of 2 hours. How do I file a complaint?

3, Aug. 2017

610-262-7630 is a nuisance call. Don't they care about the elderly and handicapped? It is upsetting to be disturbed when napping or having to struggle getting out of a chair to answer the phone. Please be considerate!

2, Aug. 2017

Said he was coming by to drop off a cashier's check for an unspecified amount and a car. Said he works for the US Treasury. Wanted to know if I was married or single.

29, Jul. 2017

caller ID showed the above name, GANTERT GERARD at number 610 777-1468 after my answering machine, picked up there was no message hung up

27, Jul. 2017

He called saying my computer having virus. When I caught him he started to calling me and started to abusing me.

27, Jul. 2017

Car warranty scammers, I told him to go f' himself - you should too.

26, Jul. 2017

they just called me, asked if frank was home then hung up. I too am on a do not call list and when I tried to return the call it was just dead air. Someone needs to find out who these people are.

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