Area Code 610

Additional information:

Area code: 610
State: Pennsylvania
Country: USA
21, May. 2018

In the past 10 days, we have received at least 8 calls from this company per day, sometime 2 or 3 in the same hour.

18, May. 2018

Did not identify themselves, just started in on "We have a great opportunity for you." some type of investment?

17, May. 2018

This call was a call inviting vets to a dinner, unknown where, did not get details, sounds like a robo recording.all vets

17, May. 2018

I called back and they gave me 2 options. Press 1 to redeem your rewards and press 2 to hang up. Why would I press 2 without getting my name off their list, so I pressed 1. Someone receives my call and directly asks for my information. Me: Please get my number of the list. Can you do that for me? Do you have my number? He repeats my number. Me: Please remove my number from the list? He: Ok. Me: Thank You. Hang up.

17, May. 2018

ask me a question and hung up says they are google and my listing maybe closed

14, May. 2018

I have never done business with this company and I have no outstanding debts.

14, May. 2018

I cannot find a way to connect with a human being to ask them to stop.

11, May. 2018

this number has been reported on several sites as a scam.

11, May. 2018

I looked this phone number up on the Internet, and it sounds like other people have also complained of receiving a call from this number.

11, May. 2018

the call 2 0 3 times a everyday

9, May. 2018

I spend more time listening to the prerecorded message and telling you about it then doing choirs.

8, May. 2018

the associate that called me is Michael at extension 228.

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