Area Code 610

Additional information:

Area code: 610
State: Pennsylvania
Country: USA
22, Jul. 2018

Wrong number caller

20, Jul. 2018

After hearing our message, a man mumbled 2 words (which did not sound like English, Spanish, or French).

20, Jul. 2018

Rajiv Khanna calls with a Nigerian accent, saying I had won the Powerball Lottery and all they needed was my social security number to confirm my winnings. I can't believe this finally happened to me! Now I can buy that 54 room house with 16 bathrooms and a bowling alley in the basement, and I'll be able to afford my own micro-brewery now that I'm going to call "Hardy Brew." The only catch is I have to pay up front for the armored truck that is going to bring me my winnings in CASH. Heck yes, i can pay up front for the armored car to bring me $52 million, so I gave them my Visa credit card number and the security code on the back to pay for the two armed guards who will be driving the armored truck to my house. Funny thing though, the caller asked me what time I usually left for work and then got back home, and if I had a dog and anyone living with me at home. Nice guy the caller was to ask me if I had a dog, but I told him "no" (because I can't afford to have one) but I'll be getting one soon after the armored truck leaves all that money here. The caller also asked if I ever left any windows unlocked during the day when I was at work. I said "no" except I do leave my bedroom window unlocked and open a few inches to let fresh air circulate when I'm not home. I think the caller is very kind too, because he asked what my mother's maiden name was, where I worked and what my social security number is, so they could do the paperwork for me on my taxes for a capitol gain that comes with my winnings. The caller is real smart too because he said "Just in case we can't get your Visa credit card to go through for paying the cost of the armored truck hauling all your money and the two armed guards, do you have a second credit card we could use?" And so I happily gave him my MasterCard number and that security code on the back too. Gosh, this has been the best day of my life! I'm going to buy that Harley Davidson I always dreamed of and drive to Las Vegas!! ‎

19, Jul. 2018

I just received a call from this number and they hung up when I answered. I’ve been getting calls from strange numbers all week

19, Jul. 2018

Carpet cleaners, home repair companies, airlines, cruise companies.

17, Jul. 2018

Called and left a voicemail saying it was MedRisk, a company that works in conjuction with Travelers Insurance for worker's comp claims. Said to call them back to schedule a physical therapy evaluation.

17, Jul. 2018

This call was a personal information phishing scam.

16, Jul. 2018

He kept pressuring me to pay what I owe.

16, Jul. 2018

robo call continuing to harass me.

15, Jul. 2018

Some of the callers were very rude.

15, Jul. 2018

I have asked this group numerous times not to call or not to mail this.

15, Jul. 2018

Robocall, we have asked to be removed but they still keep calling.

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